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Zeno Clash developer ACE Team unveils new game: action platformer Abyss Odyssey

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ACE Team, the developer behind the delightfully punchy Zeno Clash series, today announced a new game. Abyss Odyssey is a 2D action platformer flavored with the fine spice of randomly generated levels. The new game will also feature a deep fighting engine, along the lines of those normally found in competitive fighting games.

Zeno Clash 2 review

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Much like its predecessor, Zeno Clash 2 is a game about proving that melee combat can be more than just something to fall back on when you’re out of ammo. You don’t just punch and kick, but dodge an incoming blow and ram a fist into your enemy’s unsuspecting head. You charge with an elbow slam. You grab a foe to pummel and throw into the clutches of pain. All in a world whose idea of concept art must have been a Post-It note saying ‘Buy more drugs’.

Zeno Clash 2 comes out swinging on April 30

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Has it always been you lifelong dream to punch a giant crab in its stupid, oblivious face? In real-life that's not going to happen. We're just not experimenting enough in the field of rapid crustacean growth. Also you'd look a bit mean. People would stare. Luckily in Zeno Clash 2 those dreams look set to be fulfilled - and soon - as it's being released through Steam on April 30th.

Zeno Clash 2 trailer shows new gameplay footage, magic, and punching

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Pay no attention to the living display of modern art seen above. Zeno Clash 2 is still all about knocking the stuffing out of weird humanoids, a theme that originated in the first surrealistically fun brawler back in 2009. Well, OK, Mr. Paint-Lip above qualifies as weird enough to send my fist right into that bulbous bullseye of a nose, but that's not the only interesting takeaway from the latest gameplay trailer drop-kicked over by Chilean developer ACE Team.

Zeno Clash 2 screenshots show more of the weird world of Zenozoik

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Well this is confusing. Zeno Clash was a game about bashing in faces, but the screenshot above stars a man missing a person's most punchable features. If a man has no head, chest or groin, can he really be punched? This must be Zeno Clash 2's idea of a zen koan.

Rock of Ages multiplayer is free to play this weekend

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Everyone's going to be running around as zombies and vampires this weekend. Why not spend Halloween as an enormous rock? Nobody will complain about your costume because who can argue with a big round rock? PLUS you get to crush your enemies beneath your big rolling body, as long as they're standing slightly downhill. Rock of Ages can fulfil these dreams, and can be played against humans for free until Sunday. Visit the Rock of Ages Steam page to download it and have a read of our Rock of Ages review while you wait.

Zeno Clash 2 announced! First-person brawler sequel features co-op, out next year

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Publisher Atlus has sent ACE Team's Zeno Clash 2 crashing through a window and into the wild in a sneaky pre-E3 announcement.

The stand-out new feature is full drop-in drop-out co-op for the campaign, which sees Ghat and his sister Rimat freeing Father-Mother from prison. Just like the original, it's looking uncannily, brilliantly bonkers. Giant stone hands! Weird bipedal bird lizard things!

The first-person melee combat mechanics pioneered by the first game have been refined, and there'll be new RPG features to allow you to customise how Ghat and Rimat go about punching freaky pig-men in the face. We've got the announcement screens below, including one that appears to show Ghat fighting a giant smiling blue man with a pirate beard. Wait no, that's exactly what it shows.

Rock of Ages review

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Nothing is sacred to Rock of Ages. Priceless Greek urn? Smash it. Beloved historical figure? Squish them. Tragic Greek myth? Illustrate it by having tiny demons poke a man in the bottom. Anything that stops you from rolling your rock to the end of the course is there to be flattened.

Rock of Ages trailer splats Da Vinci

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[bcvideo id="1139871768001"]
Rock of Ages is out next week, a little later than consoles, but with extra stuff to make up for it. PC versions of the game will come with the soundtrack, and the exclusive trollface boulder, which you can see below. It's available to pre-order now on Steam at the slightly reduced price of £6.29 / $8.99.

Rock of Ages has you smashing a series enemy castles across various eras of art history. You have to roll through their troops and defences to get to the gates of each fortress, and prepare defences against your enemy's orb of destruction. Along the way you'll have to fight dragons, topple little medieval men, and catapult your rolling ball of justice right into the statue of David's ... crotch area. It's out next Wednesday.

E3 2011: Rock of Ages trailer features Michelangelo's David and splatted wizard

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[bcvideo id="983771819001"] 
Rock of Ages looks awesome. Rolling a ball around is always fun, but a really heavy one that can smash down buildings and wizards? We're into that. Rock of Ages will include a multiplayer mode which revolves around the concept of two fortresses under siege - you'll settle that dispute by chucking rocks too. It's developed by ACE Team, responsible for the brain-twistingly weird, but Top 100-breaking, first-person puncher, Zeno Clash.

Rock of Ages screenshots released. Features stone ball in severe pain

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Six new screenshots for Rock of Ages have been released. They show off the different environments you'll be rolling your ball through, each influenced by a different period of art history.