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Ace of Spades review

Rich McCormick at

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Ace of Spades’ indie-developed alpha version was broken in many small ways, but the sandbox shooter’s foundations were remarkably solid. It was Minecraft spliced with Team Fortress 2, a shooter that let players slowly build and destroy a blocky environment. Runescape publisher Jagex took the game and some of its developers in-house, and promptly broke it.

Ace of Spades launch trailer shows cube carnage, obligatory Motörhead

Omri Petitte at

Ace of Spades seems like what would happen if you dumped a Home Depot on Battlefield. Yes, it touts an obvious comparison—Minecraft with guns, gasp—but the apparent copycatting didn't chip away at PC Gamer freelancer Cara Ellison's fun blowing fellow block-people to bits during her hands-on last month.

Minecraft-esque shooter Ace of Spades expands, marches for Steam

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Runescape overlords Jagex have announced their latest title: multiplayer FPS Ace of Spades, which mixes Minecraft-style building and blockiness with team-based killing for up to 32 players. If the name rings a bell, that's because it's a prettified and expanded version of an indie game we were playing over a year ago. That's now being described as the "prototype" version, this new one featuring cleaner visuals, double the players, and "tons of insane game modes". Oh and it's heading to Steam this December.

April's best free PC games

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You know what? It's been a hell of a month for free games. Normally, when planning this column, I've to scour the internet high and low to locate some hidden gems. This month, they've been coming out of the walls, man! Special mentions should go to Picaroon, Space Engine and Pragmatica, all of which are worth a look, but read below the jump to find out which titles I've ended up loving the most.