Matul Remrit: the illustrated Dwarf Fortress story comes to an end

Phil Savage at

Breathing life into the diary of an entirely text-based game must be a difficult prospect. For Kevin Snow's Dwarf Fortress playthrough it meant an ambitious collaboration, bringing together a well told character-driven (and emergent) narrative, original art, music and an isometric visualiser. The result was Matul Remrit, a detailed and inventive telling of a tale that began in 2010. That story has now come to end, finishing the series with a six part chapter of videos, comics and diary entries.

Touching heroics in Alien Swarm

Tom Francis at

I'm still dazed and slightly buzzing from the game of Alien Swarm I just finished. It was Hard mode, with strangers, and strangers of rank. That means they've hit the maximum level, unlocked every weapon, then chosen to start again for the sake of a star next to their name. The party leader even had the Gallium Cross: you have to start again three times to get that. These guys meant business.