A story about my uncle

A Story About My Uncle review

Ben Griffin at

It’s fitting A Story About My Uncle seems to have lept from the silver screen, given it’s a game all about, well, leaping. There’s a touch of the Percy Jackson or Inkhart about its story in which a young boy inherits a magical jumping glove from his explorer uncle and follows his trail through vast cloud cities, mystical mountain passes, and twinkling shrines. It’s pure children’s adventure fantasy.

A Story About My Uncle trailer shows first-person grapple platforming

Phil Savage at

Thinking back, I doubt that any of the stories about my uncle would make for a compelling game concept. There was the time he napped through Family Fortunes, but, unfortunately, that never resulted in a magical grappling-hook adventure through a surreal and colourful land of floating islands. Some nephews have all the luck, as this trailer for the upcoming first-person platfomer—being published by Sanctum/Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios—can attest.

A Story About My Uncle coming to Steam in 2014

Emanuel Maiberg at

In 2012 a team of student developers was nominated for Game of the Year in the Swedish Game Awards. Their game--really a short demo--was A Story About My Uncle, a machinegun-less first-person platformer about a boy in search of his lost uncle. Today, the team announced that it founded Gone North Games, a new studio that will bring a full version of A Story About My Uncle to Steam in 2014 with the help of Coffee Stain Studios, developer of Sanctum.