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Game of Thrones RPG review

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Like books, it’s often a bad idea to judge a game by its cover – or even by its first chapters, as tempting as just giving up can be. For the opening hour or two of this spin-off, the only real question was whether Game of Thrones RPG was merely comedy-bad or active, outright heresy against George R R Martin’s amazing, if increasingly bloated, fantasy series. Awful graphics. Tedious combat. Voice-acting that smacks of a producer leaning out of a window one Sunday and yelling at random passers-by, “Hey! Want to be in a licensed abomination?” I’ve had more enjoyable dental appointments.

Game of Thrones RPG screenshots tour Kingslanding

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The second season of HBO's sumptuous TV retelling of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series is well and truly underway. Shots of Tyrion strolling the halls of power whistling nonchalantly have been topped only by Joffrey's latest slapping at the hands of his mother, the power hungry queen Cersei, and the sight of those grand halls is only making me more eager to explore them.

Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG should let us do just that. The great city of Kingslanding will be one of the locations we'll get to explore, but will it capture the hustle and bustle of the city's streets, or the silent scheming of the library-quiet halls of that grand palace? By The Seven, I hope so. It would be such a shame to see such a great license go to waste. Here are some new screenshots, showing the streets of Kingslanding, and some suitably ostentatious Lannister armour.

Game of Thrones trailer and screenshots makes camp in Castlewood

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Contrary to the Stark slogan, winter isn't coming, it's going, but then winters here don't last for years on end and we don't have to worry about bands of marauding wights charging over Hadrian's wall every time it snows. Westeros is a tough place to grow old. If the wildling bandits and the wolves don't get you, there's always the chance of a treacherous lord's knife in your spine. Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG is going to have to be pretty expansive encompass the political turmoil and casual brutality of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

The latest trailer and screenshots show a fort belonging to the Lord of Castlewood. He stood on the side of the mad king, Aerys Targaryen, during the uprising that crushed him. That makes him an unpopular man, but Castlewood will act as a safe haven for your character, Ser Alester. Take a tour of the Lord of Castlewood's abode and check out a really ugly dog with these screenshots.

A Game of Thrones MMO announced, from the creators of Battlestar Galactica Online

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The publishers of Battlestar Galactica Online have teamed up with HBO to create a browser-based Game of Thrones MMO. It's built in the Unity Engine by ArtPlant, the same team behind Battlestar Galactica Online's 3D space battles. It's due to tie in with the Game of Thrones TV show, the second series of which is set to kick off in April.

A Game of Thrones RPG screenshots show grizzled old men and wintry city

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When Cyanide first started showing off their upcoming Song of Ice and Fire RTS, A Game of Thrones: Genesis, our first reaction was one of surprise. A real time strategy? Surely the best way to experience the cut throat world of A Game of Thrones is to get up close and personal with the despicable, traitorous denizens of Westeros and experience the political wrangling and uncompromising violence of the world first hand.

In fact, Cyanide's French studio is working on an RPG that might do just the trick, though for now there's basically no information on what the Game of Thrones RPG will be like. Blues News have spotted two screenshots, however. They show an icy town (Winterfell?), and two very serious looking men. Grizzled old blokes: confirmed.