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Hotline Miami has been torrented to a "staggering level"

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The hyper-stylish indie revenge/murder/pizza-parlour simulator Hotline Miami has sold 130,000 copies since it launched. But according to publisher Devolver Digital, it's also been pirated to "extraordinary levels".

In an interview with Eurogamer, Hotline's Project Manager at Devolver, Graeme Struthers, said, "It has been torrented to such a staggering level, and given the file size of it, I mean, you can't really be surprised, right? You could pass this thing around on the world's smallest memory stick."

Hotline Miami is 50% off this weekend, FTL also cheap!

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Super Hexagon may have become our fast, frantic and brilliantly soundtracked game of choice, but Hotline Miami remains an excellent acid trip of revenge, violence and talking owl masks. It makes the 80s look cool, which is an impressive achievement in itself.

If you've yet to experience Dennaton Games' brutal top-down murder-ballet, now's the time to take a look. Steam have gone and chopped its price in half, cutting it down to a criminally cheap £3.49/$5.

Hotline Miami interview: Dennaton Games on creating carnage to delight and disgust

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Among indie developers, Jonatan ‘Cactus’ Söderström is legendary for his freakish productivity. He frequently makes games in less than a day, usually by himself, and releases them for free. But while his creativity shows no signs of running dry, his bank account does. So now he’s collaborating with artist Dennis Wedin on a larger game, one they can actually sell.

That’s Hotline Miami, a brutally violent, psychedelic top-down shooter about ambushing gangsters with everything from assault rifles to scissors. At PCG we thoroughly enjoyed it, so I asked Jonatan and Dennis about the thinking behind Hotline and what’s different about making a commercial game.

Hotline Miami 2 announced, "sweet tunes" confirmed for soundtrack

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Developer Jonatan Söderström casually announced a Hotline Miami sequel today by teasing the "sweet tunes of a preliminary Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack" on Twitter. Eurogamer caught the tweet and got in touch with Söderström, who says that Dennaton Games has "barely begun working" on the sequel—unsurprising given that Hotline Miami was just released late last month. It also appears that the previously mentioned Hotline Miami DLC add-on will instead become the next full game from Dennaton.

Pay what you want (above $1) for Game Music Bundle 4, with Dear Esther, Spelunky and more

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Whether you're partial to the melancholy strains of Dear Esther, the thoughtful plinky plonky accompaniment to Indie Game: The Movie or the bluesy rawk of Shoot Many Robots, there's probably something in the latest Game Music Bundle to tickle your ears. You'll get the soundtracks mentioned above along with Spelunky and Retro City Rampage for any donation over a dollar.

Let's stop calling games "too repetitive"

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The word "repetitive" commonly has a negative connotation, and it's especially used negatively (all the time, every time, forever and ever) when talking about games. And often it's followed by a bunch of no elaboration at all. That doesn't make sense. I'm sure I've done it before, but criticizing a game for being "too repetitive" and leaving it at that is—strictly speaking—meaningless. A game might lack variety, but every game is repetitive. We repeat some pattern of input—running and shooting, stacking blocks, bouncing balls off blue dots—over and over, and expect uniform feedback. Then the problem changes slightly, and we tweak our input pattern. And then again. And yet "too repetitive" is lobbed at games all the time.

Hotline Miami patch enables gamepad support, snaps necks of bugs

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The abstract hotpot of stealth, ultra-violence, 1980s chic, surrealism, and the color pink that is self-branded "top-down f***-em-up" Hotline Miami has its first update from the designer duo over at Dennaton Games. Today's patch stamps out "most reported bugs" with a meat cleaver and adds Xbox controller support for players who prefer thumbsticks as their bloodbath delivery of choice.

Hotline Miami review

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Tear out a man’s throat and steal his bat. Knock a man down with a door and pound his skull into the tiles. Hurl the bat at a third man, climb on top, and pour scalding water on his face to watch him squirm. Take his machinegun and run, dancing, up the stairs towards more killing. Immediately get shot, die, and start again.

It only takes one bullet, stab or punch to kill you in Hotline Miami, but your fragility isn’t designed to encourage caution. Instant and frequent restarts instead lead you towards frantic repetition: it wants you to play recklessly, failingly fast and then urgently try again.

Hotline Miami gets patched, plus story DLC in the works

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Accompanying a fairly run-of-the-mill patch that fixes and tweaks mask perks, adds support for lower resolutions, and saves grades correctly (among other things), Dennaton Games' Dennis Wedin has revealed that there is Hotline Miami DLC in the works. When asked on this forum post if there were any plans for future content, he said "yes there is :) if people enjoy the game and want more we have a storyline driven DLC in the plans with new characters and diving further in the story."

Hotline Miami dev endorses Pirate Bay torrent of his own game, provides helpful suggestions

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Browsing the comments on a torrent site, there are certain things you expect to see. The obligatory "ZOMG THIS IS A VIRUS," or "Thank you so, so much I can't believe how long it took for someone to make this available to me for free!" What you don't typically expect to see is a developer of the game being pirated posting helpful comments that suggest implicit approval of the illicit activity. Hotline Miami creator Jonatan Soderstrom of Dennaton Games has proved the exception to this rule.

Independent Games Festival 2013 entries revealed

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The Independent Games Festival, the longest running and best-known competition for independent developers, have just announced the list of games up for the 2013 Main Competition. A record-breaking 589 entrants have been selected, with a range of games that boggle the mind in scope and theme. There's something for everyone.

You probably just snarked at the screen and said: "Oh really? Is there a puzzle game based on the relation between regular expressions and finite state machines?" Well no-one likes a grumpy Gus. And yes, there totally is.

Hotline Miami release date announced, it's coming to get you in two weeks

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The hotly anticipated Hotline Miami has finally been given a release date: October 23rd, or exactly two weeks from now. The scuzzy, neon, eighties-set bloodbath will set you back a modest £6.99 on release day, but if you pre-order from GetGames, GOG, or Steam you'll save an additional 70p. In the eighties, that would have bought you a small house.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 75 - Undercover T-Rex

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Chris and Toms Francis and Senior introduce new Web Editor Marsh Davies to the podcast, discussing Hotline Miami, Guild Wars 2, Universe Sandbox, Planetside 2, XCOM and more, including the Steam charts and your questions from Twitter.