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Guild Wars 2 returns to the old-school with a new Super Adventure Box

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Super Adventure Box was one of the more ambitious pranks of this year's Make Up Some News Day; mostly because it was real. For the month of April, Guild Wars 2 got an 8-bit console downgrade courtesy of a) Asuran technological experimentation, and b) a game lore flexible enough that its developers can go, "ah screw it, let's just make a platformer".

Now the game's retro device is being fired back up for a new session. Super Adventure Box: Back to School kicks off next week, celebrating children's return to enforced knowledge gathering with a series of pixellated jumping puzzles. No, I don't get the connection. Yes, I'm going to go with it.

Guild Wars 2 will be free to play this weekend, starting Friday

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Guild Wars 2 was hyped to be the MMO for people who don’t like MMOs, and it has certainly been doing well. Chris loved the game, and NCSoft has been selling copies by the millions.

Guild Wars 2's birthday introduces XP adjustments, gifts of pet queens

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Gather, peons, for the Queen's Speech. That's how Guild Wars 2 is marking its first anniversary, and it's bound to be more exciting than some drivel about a "royal baby." Instead, GW2 will show us how to do monarchy right, with a bunch of changes sweeping Kryta as the populace is showered with gifts

Guild Wars 2: Queen's Jubilee update brings hot air balloons and bonus dungeon rewards

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The citizens of Tyria are always celebrating. Dragons being jerks? Throw a party. Skyship shows up? Break out the bunting. Computer games are invented? Well, that one's understandable. Guild Wars 2's next update will centre around a more obvious cause for a shindig - if you're a royalist at least. Queen's Jubilee marks the ten year anniversary of Divinity Reach'zzzz... Sorry, I started to fall asleep there, halfway through that lore heavy sentence. Maybe the planned events, rewards and updates will prove more interesting.

Guild Wars 2 outlines China release, new rewards in dev update

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Growth is the goal and Guild Wars 2 has crafted an appropriately massive gameplan showing how it wants to achieve this for the rest of 2013 and beyond. As game director Colin Johanson outlines in a new dev update, ArenaNet is busy planning its release in China and the addition of a variety of new rewards systems worldwide.

Guild Wars 2's next update threatens throats with deadly politics

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Cutthroat Politics will be the next in the now regularGuild Wars 2 update cycle. As the second update of the month, it'll build on the airship/giant kite thing that landed in the previously released Bazaar of the Four Winds. Throughout the update, two of the game's characters will be embarking on the campaign trail in an effort to secure player votes for... some supposedly significant role created purely to support this election conceit.

Guild Wars 2 may never get an expansion pack; new achievement rewards coming soon

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Despite previous evidence suggesting an expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet's lead content designer Mike Zadorojny has now revealed that their Living Story updates may mean such an add-on is no longer on the table. While expansions were a significant part of the first Guild Wars, the sequel's utilisation of microtransactions could mean they never need to rely on paid content additions.

Guild Wars 2 prepares for Bazaar of the Four Winds, ArenaNet reiterate two week cycle

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Something as trivial as a Sky Pirate invasion isn't going to stop ArenaNet from announcing their next Guild Wars 2 update. While the Sky Pirates of Tyria is still in full swing - only yesterday updating with a nightmarishly confusing steampunk base/jumping puzzle - we've now got details for the upcoming event, Bazaar of the Four Winds.

ArenaNet creating Guild Wars 2 API for players to build their own tools

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You think it's enough that Guild Wars 2 will soon be churning out updates on a fortnightly basis? No? Well, how about access to its code, then? Yep—that's exactly what ArenaNet is doing, enabling players to create their own tools, apps, and more.

Guild Wars 2 planning a two-week update schedule

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ArenaNet are planning to increase the frequency of their Guild Wars 2 updates. It's an ambitious scheme, if only because their current content schedule is already pretty frequent: with new, and often unusual, patches releasing every three weeks. For instance, there was that time they built an 8-bit world. Or yesterday's thing with the steampunk pirates. Going forward, that three week cycle is set to ramp up to every fortnight.

Guild Wars 2 trailer introduces the Sky Pirates of Tyria

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The Sky Pirates are invading Guild Wars 2! They might have done it sooner, but first they had to stop off at a steampunk convention. And then they had to stop off again to have a massive brawl in a watchmaker's shop. But now, finally, they've arrived in Tyria - cogs and all - to star in this trailer round-up of the features being added in today's update.

Guild Wars 2 gets changes to traits and skills tomorrow

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While the eternal war between guilds rages on, the developers at NCsoft have deemed it necessary to update the world of Tyria tomorrow with a new patch focused on build diversity.

Guild Wars 2 update - the Sky Pirates to descend next week

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Players across Guild Wars 2 may be busy bashing dragons, but that isn't going to delay ArenaNet's update train. Next stop: The Sky Pirates of Tyria - a continuation of the story that kicked off with a murder at the Dragon Bash festival. ArenaNet explain the "Pirate" part, promising that you'll be taking "the fight" to them. What's less clear is the "Sky" part. What's even up there for them to pillage?

The E3 2013 press conference PC gamers deserve

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The press conferences that precede E3 set the tone for the event, they determine the conversations and questions that follow. With no single unifying organisation to set up such an event, it's one of those rare occasions when the open nature of the PC can prove a detriment. The consoles have had their say, now we can't help but wonder what a similar a show for the PC would look like. Who would take the stage? What would they show? What song-and-dance numbers would we get?

Take your seat, make yourself comfortable and put those Doritos away as we welcome you to this year's purely hypothetical show, the E3 2013 conference that PC gamers deserve.

Guild Wars 2's World vs World multiplayer mode to be revamped with new player roles

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ArenaNet has announced a series of changes for the World vs. World multiplayer content in Guild Wars 2. In a long explanatory blog post, coordinator Devon Carver set out the changes that will hopefully make World vs. World, the ambitious interserver multiplayer throwdown mode, a more consistently fun experience.

Guild Wars 2 planning a Dragon Bash - it's not what you think

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In normal fantasy parlance, a Dragon Bash would be a thing that you do to a dragon, preferably with a giant bludgeoning device. In Guild Wars 2, it's an upcoming update, bringing a celebratory festival to the city of Lion's Arch. Admittedly, as part of the festival there will be plenty of dragon bashing - it's just that these particular wyrms are of the smaller, less dangerous piñata family.

Guild Wars 2 data miner finds evidence of group matchmaking

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Dungeon runners in Guild Wars 2 may soon find it easier to band together with other committed content consumers. Reddit user "that_shaman" has delved into the DAT files of the game's Last Stand at Southsun update, and found evidence to suggest that a Looking for Group tool could be making its way into the game.

Guild Wars 2 is now cheaper by ten bucks

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Because warring should be available for everyone. That's according to ArenaNet, anyway, which has cited player accessibility as one of their primary reasons for the adjustment.

Guild Wars 2's Last Stand at Southsun update to hold its ground next week

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Guild Wars 2's crab-tossing, beach battling Southsun Cove questline is set to conclude next week, with the release of the Last Stand at Southsun update. From May 28th, ArenaNet will add a new solo story dungeon, asking players to infiltrate Canach's lair to bring down the "renegade" Sylvari. Hmm, are you still a renegade if you've got a lair? Surely you're at least miscreant, if not a full-fledged villain.

Guild Wars 2 microtransaction sales have been "consistent and strong"

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Good news for fans of having continued adventures on the back of the financial expenditures of others: according to NCSoft's first quarter earnings call, Guild Wars 2 has experienced "consistent and strong" in-game gem sales, even as the sales of boxed game copies start to flag. It's also good news for ArenaNet, who can enjoy the spoils of a self-sustaining system through continued updates and tossed crabs.