GOG 'Adrenaline Rush' event now live, promises free games

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Nice try, Steam. You may have a bewildering selection of cheap games and a bizarre (and seemingly rigged) competitive point gathering system, but you aren't giving away free games. GOG are. For instance, get to their front page before 11:59 am EDT, and you can secure Omerta: City of Gangsters for free. And if you've missed that, the store is planning more giveaways throughout the day. Update: Torchlight is currently free on GOG until 9 pm EDT! Go grab it.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is free for 24 hours at the GOG Summer Sale

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If you've been paying attention, you already know that the GOG Summer Sale is in full swing, with big bundles, ridiculously cheap flash sales and other such digital gaming goodness. But right now, and for the next 24 hours, you can snag the first-person puzzle game Magrunner: Dark Pulse for even better than cheap. I'm talkin' 'bout free.

GOG's 2014 Summer Sale kicks off today

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Summer is here, and that means it's time to give up all this videogaming nonsense and go outside and frolic in the warmth and sunshine! Just kidding—What it really means, as we all know, is that it's time for summer sales, like the one that GOG fired up this morning. As usual, it's a digital extravaganza, with freebies, flash sales, daily bundles and the usual "give us your money" shenanigans.

The Witcher Adventure Game coming to PC, signups live for closed multiplayer beta

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't the only big news to come out of CD Projekt Red's Summer Conference. The studio also announced that it's now accepting applications for a closed multiplayer beta test of The Witcher Adventure Game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt details - launch date, collector's edition, and spectacular new trailer

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CD Projekt's Summer Conference has revealed some exciting new details about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including a release date, a massive collector's edition, and a very impressive gameplay trailer.

GOG "would definitely consider" Early Access, but prefer curatorial approach

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We're less than halfway through the year, and Steam has already released more games than it did during the entirety of 2013. Part of the reason for that rise is increased activity among services like Early Access, Steam's alpha funding category. Steam may now host more games, but many of them are still being actively developed. CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski has now said that their digital distribution channel GOG "would definitely consider" following an Early Access style service, but that, if they did, it would have to be more heavily curated.

GOG are having another one of their bizarre sales

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Steam sales are well known for their detrimental effect on your wallet. GOG prefer to engage in targeted strikes to your sanity. Their Spring Insomnia Sale has just launched and, much like last year's Fall Insomnia Sale, it's a strange way to get cheap games.

It works by offering up to 90% off any one of the one hundred included games, but only in limited quantity. As of writing, there are 158 copies of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! available at 75% off. Given the game, that deal will last longer than most. Better games tend to be snapped up more quickly, and you get to watch each one being bought in real-time.

GOG announce plan to support Linux, will start this Autumn with 100 games

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GOG are taking the advice of a decades old advertising campaign, and choosing to p-p-p-pick up a penguin. Rather than a disappointing British biscuit, though, this penguin is made of electricity and open-source code. The DRM-free digital distribution service will soon support Linux. "At least" 100 games will gain support for the OS, GOG say, and that catalogue will include a selection of classics making their Linux début.

GOG drops regional pricing as "mistake," apologizes

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GOG has reversed its decision to include regional pricing on some upcoming games, calling it a “mistake” after nearly 10,000 (mostly negative) comments poured into their forums. In a thorough apology, GOG co-founders Marcin Iwinski and Guillaume Rambourg write that they should never have made that call.

GOG's time machine sale lets the seconds tick down, and then back up again

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GOG do enjoy their quirky sales. Their last weird one, the Fall Insomnia sale, was a stressful reminder that time is slipping beyond our control, that our frail forms can't physically experience all the joy in the world, and that everything will one day be reduced to naught. It was a fun time. The new Time Machine sale has a more empowering angle, letting users do battle against each other and time itself.

Fallout's classic catalogue removed from GOG due to rights issue [Update: Steam affected too]

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All in all, a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland wouldn't be a pleasant place, but it would bring a few benefits. One of them: a blissful lack of licensing laws and rights issues. That's in stark contrast to the here-and-now, where - in the distinctly unirradiated 21st century - DRM-free digital retailer GOG has been forced to remove the popular Fallout series from its shelves due to an ownership change that sees the classic RPGs now fully owned by Bethesda.

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics free in GOG Winter Sale, ahead of their possible removal

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GOG don't want to set the world on fire, they just want to impart Fallout in your (shopping) cart. The easiest way to do that, of course, is to make Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics completely free for the next couple of days, which is what they've done. Why? Firstly, because it's an apocalyptically good way to launch their Winter Sale. Secondly, because rights to the series are currently pending a change in ownership, which may see the classic RPGs removed from sale on the service.

GOG announces new Worldwide Money Back Guarantee

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GOG announced today that it will give you your money back for games you purchase and are unable to run. Players are encouraged to first use the support page to find a solution to the problem, submitting a ticket describing the issue if they need further help. But in the case that even GOG's "top men" can't find a solution, the site will offer a refund within 30 days after purchase.

Steam hits 7 million concurrent users, more than 1 million playing games at once

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It's great when Steam and other online stores go head-to-head, because stiffer competition for them means lower prices and better service for consumers. One problem with this kind of competition-following, though, is that it disguises how truly lopsided the fight is: Steam is way, way ahead. Over the holiday weekend, the digital download service report it had seven million users logged on at the same time.

GOG's Fall Insomnia sale is weird, arbitrary, but admittedly cheap

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Would you like 66% off the cold war strategy Wargame: European Escalation. Well tough, you're too late. There are six copies left, and they'll almost certainly be gone by the time I've finished writing this paragraph. This is the nature of GOG's weird "Fall Insomnia" Sale, in which a limited number of copies of a cheap game are advertised, and thus only available to the quickest and most eager buyers. It's like being forced to use retail stores all over again, only even more arbitrary.

GOG offers charity bundle sale with all proceeds going to charity

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You can never have too much of a good thing, and a good thing is donating to charity while getting new games. DRM-free gaming store GOG is holding a bundle sale where you can pick up three games for a $5 donation to the World Wildlife Fund, Gaming for Good, or Worldbuilders.

CD Projekt RED CEO: The Witcher 3 will have no DRM, "zero, zip, nada"

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In many ways, CD Projekt RED is the little developer that could. After hitting it big with The Witcher, CD Projekt has continued to grow and produce games with greater and greater ambition. After six years and six million games sold in the Witcher franchise, the studio is hard at work on the Witcher 3 and the much-anticipated Cyperpunk 2077. As its gotten bigger and struck distribution deals on a larger and larger scale, though, some rumors have gotten around that the developers’ famous anti-DRM stance might be changing. According to the company CEO, those rumors are false.

Dark Matter apparently incomplete, GOG offers refunds and revises game description

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Dark Matter, the 2D sci-fi horror game that went up for sale on GOG and Steam late last week, isn’t everything it purported to be. After about five hours of play the character enters a room, the doors slam shut, and an on-screen message informs the player that the game is over. Players and developers are currently arguing over whether the game is “complete,” but the discrepancy is enough that GOG has begun to offer refunds to buyers.

Win a hand-painted Dragon Commander statue!

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GOG and Larian have three beautiful, 3D printed, hand-painted Dragon Commander statues up for grabs, coinciding with a 40% off sale on Dragon Commander. The dragons have been painted by a mini-painting artist in Warsaw, and we want you to have one.

GOG celebrate their fifth birthday with a build a bundle deal

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Digital distribution store GOG is celebrating its fifth birthday, which is an impressive milestone for a service that sounds like it was named by somebody celebrating their first birthday. Rather than look to you expectantly, its owners have arranged their own party: a five week extravaganza of "promos, gifts, contests, and specials with a Grand Finale in the middle of October." The first is the Pick 5 Promo, letting your create a five-game bundle from the newer end of their catalogue.