8 Realms

8 Realms beta key correction

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Issue 228 of PC Gamer should soon arrive in shops, and you might notice that there's an advert for the 8 Realms betaon the back cover. What you might not notice is that there's been a slight mistake, the ad should include a beta Key to offer PC Gamer readers access to the closed beta. Whoops.

To join the beta simply go to the 8 Realms website using the code: ATTILATHEHUN.

Play 8 Realms in your browser now for free

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8 Realms is a new browser-based empire building game from Runescape developers, Jagex. In it, you can build cities, train fighters and go on land-grabbing crusades, stealing enemy resources and generally wrecking up the place for fun and profit. You can get into the beta right now for free. Simply head over to the 8 Realms site, sign up for a free Jagex account and enter the word "attilathehun" into the beta key box. Once you've built your first farm, you can grab an exclusive PCG flag for your empire on the activity screen. Go forth and represent.

Free access to 8 Realms beta for 50,000 people

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How would you like to try Jagex' new browser-based kingdom building game, 8 Realms for free? The game offers a persistent online world in which to grow a kingdom. You expand by trading and battling with neighbouring players, and by improving the culture of your cities. The first 50,000 people to enter the game using the code world below will be able to build wonders and crush their enemies for free using the special code word below.

Get free access to the 8 Realms closed beta now

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Over the course of the next week, we're offering free access to the closed beta of Jagex' new empire building game, 8 Realms. All you have to do to play is create a Jagex account, and enter the beta code below. Voila! Your're away, building your small settlement into a vast empire that will grind your opponents into dust. Or trade with them. Whatever floats your boat.