7 Days to Die

We're giving away three thousand Steam keys for 7 Days To Die - UPDATE: the keys have now been distributed

Phil Savage at

The weekend's nearly here, and that means taking a break from the stresses of the week, right? Wrong. For us, it means working through the weekend at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, scooping up interviews and stories over the next four days (keep an eye on our YouTube channel, too). For you, the weekend means terror, desperation and bludgeoning a man to death for his last can of beans.

To celebrate our PAX weekend and yours, we have three thousand Steam keys for the early access survival game 7 Days To Die, and we're giving them to you. In true survival style, it's first-come-first served, so fight your way down to the box below.

The Early Access report: DayZ, Rust and 7 Days to Die

Craig Pearson at

Welcome to the early access report, a regular round-up looking at the most interesting early access games. Here we try new alphas and revisit old ones to separate the promising gems from the bug-ravaged time wasters. This week Craig goes full Bear Grylls, and throws himself into three different sandbox survival games, DayZ, Rust and 7 Days to Die.

DayZ's arrival on Steam Early Access was the most prominent and most talked about of the people-vs-people-vs-environment releases, but it wasn't the first. Just a week before it came out, Facepunch (of Garry's Mod fame and fortune) released Rust, a DayZish game focusing on crafting yourself up from a sort of pre-industrial spawnee to a land-camping hermit. And just a few days before that, 7 Days To Die landed, bringing with it all the technical panache of an animated gif of a PS1 game. I've spent lots of time scrounging for survival in all three, but are any worth supporting on Early Access?