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Make deals with space bears in 4X space strategy, StarDrive

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Yes, that is an armoured space bear from the future. How would you like to open up diplomatic relations with that bear? Quite a lot I bet. How would you like to do it as the commander of a race of space-faring creatures in a new 4X strategy game? Well, then you might be interested in the successfully kickstarted StarDrive, created by a small indie team called Zer0sum games.

AI War Ancient Shadows and patch 6.0 are almost here, have a trailer while you wait

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AI War Ancient Shadows expansion to add massive modular Champion battleships

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Look at that picture. Look at the lasers! That's AI War, a massive, cerebral 4X space strategy wargame about building thousands of robots and waging war on super smart AI enemies. The upcoming Ancient Shadows update will reduce that chaos and let you roll with a monstrous starship that can gain experience and level up as it obliterates all incoming enemies.

Let's let Erik of Arcen Games explain: "With the Ancient Shadows expansion, you can now set a player to the "Champion" role and instead of a home command station and all the usual stuff a player starts with they get a singe modular ship. But what a ship. At the beginning it's basically a super-starship that's pretty powerful but nothing world-shattering. But it can gain experience, and with experience it can upgrade modules."

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion beta live for pre-order players

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The Rebellion expansion for the splendid Sins of a Solar Empire is due out in a few weeks, but first there's another beta phase to go first. As the above trailer mentions, it's live now for pre-order customers on Steam, which will give fans an early look at Rebellion's visual updates, new factions and Titan class battleships. It's due out on June 12, find out more on the official Sins of a Solar Empire site and see those Titans tearing it up in deep space in these Rebellion screenshots.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion screenshots show Titan class battleships

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Rebellion will be the first standalone expansion for the marvellous 4X space strategy, Sins of a Solar Empire. It'll split the universe into two factions, loyalists and rebels. You can join one side or the other to gain access to new tech trees and alternative versions of each faction's most powerful vessels.

The expansion will also add jumbo sized battlecraft called Titans. These monsters will be even bigger than capital ships and will be able to take on enemy fleets single-handedly. They'll get to dissolve incoming pirate raids with new giant laser beams, prettified by a new lighting engine. See Titans and their pet lasers in action in these new screenshots.

Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition out now on Steam, 25% off until Friday

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Galactic Civilization 2 is now available on Steam. If you have any interest in strategy, or space, or conquering space using an army of customisable doom ships then you'll definitely want to check it out. It also has incredibly smart, creative AI. A full sized game can take weeks and weeks to complete, a fact our own Tom Francis knows all too well. We'll be posting his Galactic Civilization 2 diaries shortly.

The Steam version is the Ultimate Edition, that means it comes with both expansions, Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Arnor which add new campaigns, enemies, tech trees and even spies to the original. It's on sale at 25% off for the first week until December 9, meaning you can own all the space war you'll probably ever need for just £9.74 / $14.99. Go go go!