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It's winter, which at PC Gamer means free overtime from our inking orphans because it's too cold for them to go back to their cells at night. So we're passing these human rights violations - or 'savings' - on to you: it's now just £10.69 quarterly to subscribe by Direct Debit, or £46.49 for a year if you prefer to pay by card. The PC Gamer Maths Prawn tells us that's £3.28 and £3.58 an issue respectively - good job, Maths Prawn! Back in your tank!

For the most ridiculous saving of all, subscribe for two years for £77.99 . Your loyalty lets us plan for the future by abducting a whole new orphan, safe in the knowledge that after twelve months, the cadmium poisoning from the ink will have rendered it almost numb to the papercuts. And since we work four-week long Journalism Months to avoid light stabbings from our overlords, we do 13 issues in a year. That's less than £3 an issue, says the calculator we replaced the Maths Prawn with after the tank fiasco. Compassionate and smart.

Subscribers also get their issues with the clean, gorgeous, clutter-free covers you see above. As well as looking sexy on a coffee table, the time the orphans save from the lack of cover lines means we can send each issue out to you sooner than the shops.

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