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This website isn't the only way to ingest the world's finest writing on PC gaming, you know. Subscribe to PC Gamer 's papery incarnation here in the UK, and you'll receive a hefty wad of perspicacious previews, ruminative reviews, fulsome features and more, all conveniently sandwiched between two lustrous covers. And if you sign up by UK direct debit, you'll not only snag the mag for less then you'd pay in the shops, but you'll also get a Rage ST gaming headset worth £30.

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The headset is available in a choice of PCG-appropriate colours: red, black or white. It also offers padded ear cushions, a detachable mic and what Ozone describe as "premium sound". You can find more info about the Rage ST, or indeed about items within Ozone's range of gaming gear at .

This offer is available to new UK subscribers to the print edition paying by direct debit only. The offer ends on 14th April 2013.

However, readers outside the UK can still subscribe here .

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