Nazi Zombie Army takes co-op gamers by storm

If there?s one thing PC gamers love, it?s shooting men from very far away, and preferably evil men, so we don?t have to feel bad about it. Rebellion?s 2012 hit Sniper Elite V2 captured that perfectly, giving us the chance to dismember Nazi soldiers in terrifyingly grizzly detail. But what?s even better than shooting men on your own? Why, shooting zombies with friends, of course. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army has all the gory brutality of slowly shattering a man?s eye socket with a well-placed bullet, but none of the attendant guilt in snuffing out human life.

Developed as a fun side project before Rebellion geared up for Sniper Elite 3 (coming in 2014), Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army was inspired by feedback from the Sniper Elite fanbase. V2?s two-player co-op was a big hit, but fans wanted more campaign missions, and specifically, they wanted to bring three more friends along on their sharp-shooting adventures.

Knowing that V2 wasn?t designed around four-player co-op, and with some fun undead-blasting demos already under way, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army was born ? a stand-alone game in the series with five new campaign missions, created to support four-players simultaneously butchering the living dead in a hail of precisely aimed, knee-shattering bullets.

Sniper rifles may not be everyone?s first choice for dealing with zombies, but thankfully the developers have worked hard here to offer players more options to deal with the walking dead. Now while the snipers focus on removing the head and destroying the brain, their less accurate friends can hold back the shambling hordes in the traditional manner: by the liberal application of shotguns. Co-op players must rely heavily on prompt communication and play needs to be reactive by all party members, or else players risk being overwhelmed. Prior to each campaign mission, you can choose from a handful of historical sniper rifles, assault rifles and a small selection of handguns, while playing with a mixture of explosives: grenades, deployable dynamite, tripwires and landmines. Of course, this means you can pick and choose whether you prefer to set the traps or just go guns blazing and tossing stielhandgrenate around every corner.

Rebellion are adamant that Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army simply wouldn?t be possible without the ease of digital distribution the PC brings. By self-publishing the game on Steam, it was able to indulge its fans? co-op zombie blasting fantasies at a bargain price before escalating the development of Sniper Elite 3.

But that doesn?t mean they?re finished with Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army either. True to their support for V2, Rebellion continue to release free content for the game ? the most recent update added a terrifyingly difficult new enemy multiplier, and they?re promising the addition of drop-in, drop-out co-op in the near future.

Even though it was announced just one month before its February launch, it seems Sniper Elite and co-op fans have taken Nazi Zombie Army to heart, jetting the game to the top of Steam?s pre-order charts as soon as it became available. Meanwhile, the occult horror theme and pleasingly John Carpenter-esque soundtrack inspired droves of them to enter a competition held by horror site Bloody Disgusting, including this spectacularly gory claymation film.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is available on Steam for a mere ?9.99 / $14.99, but don?t let the small price fool you, there?s a whole stand-alone campaign in there (and you don't need a copy of V2 to play it), with all the infinite replayability that comes with chaotic four player co-op. Now go show those occult Nazi powers who?s boss!