Napoleon: Total War free to play on Steam this weekend

Next Monday marks the anniversary of Napoleon's defeat at the hands of Wellington at the battle of Waterloo. This is an artist's impression of how he looked before that battle. Look at him, brimming with infinite smugness. You'll have the chance to wipe that grin from his face, or step into the shoes of the great general and carve out your own alternative history in Napoleon: Total War. To celebrate the anniversary, Napoleon is free to play on STEAM this weekend starting Thursday at 6pm, and will be half price to buy from then until Monday June 18 at 5pm.

Total War lets you dive into the Napoleonic era and take charge on a grand strategic level. Fine tune your nation's economy, forge alliances, seize resources and build armies on the strategic map of Europe, and then jump into gorgeous real time battles to crush your foe on the battlefield.

Napoleon includes two mini-campaigns based on Napoleon's early sorties in Italy and the invasion of Egypt in 1798. With those conquered, you can take your tactical nous into the grand Mastery of Europe campaign and watch your enemies crumple before the might of thundering gun lines and stampeding cavalry charges. When the smoke has cleared and your campaign is done, you might just find yourself wearing that very same look of smugness.