Grab up to 75% off games in our festive deal feast

Can?t waste time on small talk. Must blurt out news of three ridiciously good deals being offered by online retailers and all-round Santa Claus types Green Man Gaming.

Snap them up quick or face a festive season playing board games involving moulding putty aimed at six-year-olds and irretrievably drunk elderly people.


First up, you can grab an early bargain by claiming this 30% off voucher code at the Green Man Gaming checkout:


The voucher is so hot it might melt just your snowman. Mind, he wouldn?t be able to use it anyway as he?s got SNOW money?

Warning! The voucher is only valid is until 1200GMT on January 3, 2013 so get in quickly. It works on selected PC Download titles and excludes games on cash back or GMG credit promotions.


Speaking of cash back and credit offers, there?s a pile of games under the Green Man Gaming tree which trigger massive rewards - in the form of actual money or generous credit offers - once you?ve bought them.

If you -purchase one of the games listed below you will have two ways to claim your discount. Cash back means as it says, GMG will give you the stated amount straight back, but if you choose credit back GMG will add the stated amount to your GMG Account, which you can then spend on anything on Green Man Gaming. No-one else offers instant credit for pre-purchasing. Cash back amount may take two-three days to be processed.

We?ll remind you how it works? Let?s say you buy Tomb Raider. Snap it up and you?ll get a massive ?7 (?7/$10) credit back to spend on the many hundreds of titles at Green Man Gaming.

Titles in this offer are:

Crysis 3* - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Dead Space 3 - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Aliens Colonial Marines - ?7 (?7/$8) Cash Back or ?10 (?10/$12) GMG Credit

Metro Last Light - ?6 (?6/$7) Cash Back or ?9 (?9/$15) GMG Credit

SimCity Limited Edition* - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

South Park - ?6 (?6/$7) Cash Back or ?9 (?9/$15) GMG Credit

Company of Heroes 2 - ?6 (?6/$7) Cash Back or ?9 (?9/$15) GMG Credit

Dead Island Riptide - ?6 (?6/$7) Cash Back or ?9 (?9/$12) GMG Credit

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Tomb Raider - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Omerta City of Gangsters - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Devil May Cry - ?5 (?5/$7) Cash Back or ?7 (?7/$10) GMG Credit

Hitman Absolution - ?3 (?4/$5) Cash Back or ?5 (?6/$7) GMG Credit

Sleeping Dogs - ?3 (?3/$4) Cash Back or ?4 (?4/$6) GMG Credit

*Excludes selected regions

Please note vouchers are not valid on these titles


I know, right? 'Tis the season to be jolly generous with the crazy game offers. They just keep coming.

On top of these fantastic deals Green Man Gaming have some extra offers going on over the Christmas period. All deals start 1200GMT and end the following day at 1200GMT. And you can use the money-off vouchers to slash the price even further on these games, unless credit or cash back is on offer.

Friday, December 21

50% off Hitman Absolution plus cash back or GMG credit

75% off Lord of the Rings War in the North

66% off a range of Capcom games

Saturday, December 22

66% off Sleeping Dogs plus cash back or GMG credit

75% off Quantum Conundrum

66% off a range of Capcom games

Sunday, December 23

50% off Lego Lord Of The Rings

75% off Red Orchestra 2

75% off Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

Monday, December 24

75% off Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition -

50% off War of the Human Tanks (offer active until 1200 GMT 26/12)

Tuesday, December 25

Check out GMG's Hot Deals page for the latest offers

From Wednesday, December 26 - sale starts on hundreds of titles - up to 75% off, plus you can use the 30% off voucher on top

50% off Football Manager 2013

75% off Sine Mora

75% off Alan Wake Collector's Edition

60% off Batman Arkham City GOTY

From Thursday, December 27

Look out for great savings on Borderlands 2 (plus DLC) and XCOM, Darksiders 2 and Darksiders 2 DLC

Check out the Green Man Gaming website for even more seasonal offerings and daily deals during the sale.

Merry Christmas from all at GMG!