Grab great big savings in Green Man Gaming's January sale

If your New Year?s resolution was to play more games and spend less cash, then have we got some deals for you? Well, have Green Man Gaming got some deals for you and are we going to tell you about them? Erm? yes and yes. Don?t be confused ? saving money on great games is as easy as one, two, three?

DEAL 1 ? 25% off plus credit/cash back

Easy-peasy this one. Choose from a list of selected pre-purchase games and enter the following code at checkout to claim 25% off AND get GMG credit and cash back on selected pre-purchase titles to spend on your next buy:

Voucher code*: GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1

*Valid on selected PC download pre-purchase titles until 18/01/2013 1600GMT. Cannot be used in conjunction with another voucher, region restrictions apply.

DEAL 2 - 20% off games, including the top 15 of 2012

Again, this brilliant offer is as easy to trigger as a tripwire in a room full of drunk monkeys. Buy a game and get 20% off. The offer is valid on most PC download titles, but the folks at GMG have thoughtfully setup a page listing their community's top titles of 2012 which are all included in the deal. That means the price as been slashed on medieval battlefest Chivalry, hacked down on Football Manager 2013 and cut with laser precision on XCOM: Enemy Unknown. There are lots of other great titles in that list and if your haven?t picked them up ? now?s your chance. All you have to do is enter the following code at checkout:

Voucher code*: GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK

*Valid on selected PC download titles until 18/01/2013 1600GMT. Cannot be used in conjunction with another voucher.


So you want even more money off? How much did you overspend by this Christmas? OK - so here are a few ridiculous price cuts which are time-limited so act fast.

- 75% discount on Kings Bounty Warriors of the North standard and Valhalla Edition until 14/1/2013 1600GMT, which the 20% off voucher is valid on

- 66% off the charming indie title Sugar Cube Bittersweet Factory which - again - you can knockdown in price even further by stacking the 20% off voucher on top

- Party of Sin - which is sadly not the PCGAMER Christmas festivities sim we were hoping for - is also 40% off

Enjoy these great deals and the rest of 2013. Not long until Christmas now...