Grab 35% off top PC games

Need game action, but short on cash? How about grabbing this 35% off code from our online retail pals Green Man Gaming valid for three of their current best-sellers - XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Borderlands 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

The offer runs from November 10 at 1200 GMT until November 16 1200 GMT. Head to Green Man Gaming to claim your money off by entering the code: GMG35-5BRU6-ZDRX7

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a stunning reboot of the classic turn-based strategy blast. We rated Firaxis? brutal beauty 87% thanks to its lovingly crafted combination of tech-centric meta game and scenery-shredding action.

Borderlands 2 is arguably even hotter property than XCOM. While inventive sidequests and RPG sensibilities complement the game?s core appeal, this is at it's heart a gripping, explosive tactical FPS.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is another kettle of boiling oil altogether. There?s not an alien or plasma rifle in sight as you take on dudes with swords, maces, axes and the odd horse in a first-person slasher that was built for multiplayer carnage.

And in the unlikely event those three winners don?t float your boat ? or you?ve already snaffled them - you can claim a 25% off voucher valid on most digital titles such as Far Cry 3 (EU only), Assassin?s Creed (EU only), and Hitman Absolution.

The 25% off offer is valid until November 16 at 1200 GMT. The code is: GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S and cannot be used in conjunction with the 35% off deal.

But the bargains don?t end there? Green Man Gaming are offering up to 75% off some classic titles until November 12 at 1200 GMT.

There?s 75% off GTA IV, Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad of Gay Tony as well as 66% off Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for starters. Just head to the GTA IV deals page to grab the offers.

And if you live in the EU you can claim these top offers on Assassin's Creed games too, including:

75% off

Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

Assassins Creed - PC

Assassins Creed Brotherhood - PC

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Deluxe - PC

50% off

Assassins Creed Revelations Gold - PC

Assassins Creed Revelations - PC

And, if that wasn?t enough of a saving, you can team up these discounts with the 25% offer to pull the price down further.

Happy bargain hunting!