Grab 30% off Far Cry 3 and up to 75% off more top games with Green Man Gaming

Act now to get 30% off Far Cry 3 ? the open world shooter we rated a spectacular 89% - in Green Man Gaming?s biggest ever sale.

That one's for European gamers only, but the offers don?t end there in this global price meltdown. So head over to Green Man Gaming now!

In fact, forget the grinch who stole Christmas - we're pretty sure online retail giants Green Man Gaming are going to give Santa the sack with their latest download sale.

Which would be a shame, because we're hoping this could finally be the year we get a proper, not-second-hand-from-eBay Buzz Lightyear.... Thanks. Dad.

Their Winter Wonderland price knockdown won't last forever, though. In other words, you'll have to hurry if you want to grab these amazing offers.

There's a frankly ridiculous 50% off Dishonored, Skyrim, Fallout Vegas and Doom 3, for starters. That's half-price on supernatural assassins, epic adventuring and merciless gun death.

And if that wasn't enough to have you filling your stockings way ahead of time, you can snap up an extra 25% off selected games with this special code...

Enter GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q before Monday, November 26 at 12:00 GMT to further slash prices. That should ensure you can buy your nearest and dearest something decent for Christmas without busting your agreed present spending limit.

In all, 450 PC games are in Green Man Gaming's time-limited sale. That includes 75% off a pile of Sega and EA games and 35% off Hitman: Absolution, wherever you are in the world. Even Belgium. And Preston.

European folks can also grab 30% off Assassins Creed III. And if that isn't enough to spark mass dumping of tea in the States, what is? Oppressive rule from thousands of miles away, you say? Fair enough.