7 Cool Professions Players Invented in EVE Online

Forging their own path

EVE Online is famous for giving players the power to bend, break, and even create the rules of their universe. This freedom has let players help shape EVE Online into the massive universe it is today, where almost anything is possible and everyone can choose their own path.

We've seen corporate sabotage. We've seen suicide armies targeting complacent industrialists. We've seen corrupt bankers embezzle money and exploit investors. The incredible acts of heroism, despotism, and greed players have been able to express in-game makes headlines, and proves just how freeing the world of EVE truly is.

Space notebook in hand, we set across the galaxy to talk with some of the most unique and interesting players in EVE Online. Along the way, we discovered the broad range of professions, hobbies, and industries these creative players have invented for themselves. We asked them to explain what they're doing, how they got there, and why they chose the path they did. Which one will you follow?

Matias Otero, the surprised CEO and drug dealer

Who he is

The CEO of a 6,000-employee international corporation who's recently become a small-scale drug dealer

The path he chose

In January 2013, three weeks into his one-month trial account, Matias created a tiny corporation named Brave Newbies Inc. Today, nine months later, it's the second-largest player group in the game, with thousands of active players and billions in assets.

The start of his success, like all the best tales in EVE Online, started with players lying about something. In this case, Matias and his first 30 employees arranged a combat exercise with a nearby group to help them learn how to fight. Instead of bringing the small freighters promised, however, the other group brought a massive battleship and attempted to blast Matias and his crew into smithereens. Instead, the Brave Newbies secured their first battleship kill.

Word of the betrayal (and the potential goldmine of a battleship wreckage free for the taking) spread quickly. Soon, dozens of fleets had converged on the system and a 400-ship battle erupted, lighting up the star system with massive capital ships and plenty of explosions.

It was an epic battle, and Matias documented the whole thing with screenshots to start a recruitment campaign for his corporation. It wasn't long until the top alliances in the game were investing in Brave Newbies Inc. to earn its favor as members flooded into its ranks.

Currently still an EVE player for less than a year, Matias has already become incredibly influential and powerful in the universe. But now that he's handed off a lot of the day-to-day management of his massive corporation to a council of elected employees, he's turned his attention to a hobby: creating illegal in-game drugs with a small group of friends.

His advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps

"Nobody has any idea what to do when they undock their ship that first time. EVE Online is huge, confusing, bursting with raw information, and utterly uninterested in helping you understand. It's just sort of there, and the choices you make shape what you'll accomplish. There are no manuals or cordoned paths to follow.... So just like the real world. That's the beauty of it."

"What would I tell to the people who feel intimidated by EVE Online? It should feel intimidating. Now go out there, choose who you want to be, gather good people around you, and make the universe yours."

Chirbba, the trusted broker and website developer

Who he is

A well-respected veteran who brokers the biggest trades in the galaxy, and offers free web services to players

The path he chose

Chribba's been playing EVE Online since 2003, and has never joined another person's corporation. He currently controls four Alliances, but their only members are his own characters.

Instead, Chribba decided to make his initial mark on the universe by creating websites to help EVE players. EVE-Files?hosts screenshots, videos, and other media for players to share their stories and creations for free. EVE-Search?provides an alternative view on the official forums that adds statistics and strips out some elements to make it load faster and more inconspicuous. EVEBoard?offers readable and customizable character sheets that let you share information about your characters.

Chribba also shied away from the shadier dealings that make EVE headlines, sticking to the straight and narrow. His altruism and respectability quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted pilots in the galaxy. This reputation caused other players to recruit him as a middleman in risky or large-scale business transactions.

With every deal, Chribba's reputation as a broker grew, and he was called on increasingly often to ensure the success of high-profile business transactions. Because of Chribba's reputation, both sides are expected to accept him as a trustworthy broker. At this point, if one side objects to using him as the broker, it's immediately viewed as an admission that they were trying to scam the other party.

Chribba once received an outpost from a thankful Alliance he brokered for. When that outpost was attacked by a small roleplaying corporation, fleets from across the entire universe all converged onto the system to defend their beloved broker. It was complete overkill, but it showed Chribba just how much the player community valued his role in the game.

Why he bought EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

"I personally enjoy the book of history the most and all the details it contains, as well as the stories and quotes from all pilots. Without the community that we have, I don?t think EVE would be anywhere close to where we are today."

Penny Ibramovic, the diarist and modern historian

Who she is

A reluctant PvPer who explores the universe and chronicles all of her adventures on a widely read blog

The path she chose

When Penny started playing EVE Online five years ago, she wasn't interested in participating in PvP. She stayed in high-security areas, where AI-controlled security retaliates against any player aggression, and focused on learning the game and trying out all of the different options open to her.

But every step of the way, she detailed her thoughts and excursions on her blog, Tiger Ears. She got started by running solo missions, hunting pirates and wreckage for AI contacts, because it was most similar to the questing of the previous MMOs she'd played.

Then Penny began to dig into EVE's expanded world, documenting every step of the process as she adjusted to all of the new options and potential. It's a perspective a lot of readers could relate to, and more people started following her blog.

She dabbled in PvP and manufacturing, but it wasn't until the Apocrypha expansion introduced wormholes that she really fell in love with it. Wormholes open access to small, unexplored pockets of the galaxy for players to explore and claim while they're available.

In her own words, Penny explains why she loved wormholes so much, "Exploring the unknown, claiming systems for ourselves and calling them home, and, most importantly, becoming vulnerable to other players. I was still timid, but surrounded by good players, good people."

In the beginning, Penny's little ragtag band ran from any hostile exploration groups they encountered in wormhole space. Then, one day, they decided they were tired of running and stood their ground. Soon, they were the ones seeking out other exploration groups to start fights with.

Her multi-year adventure to find her place in the EVE universe found many eager readers who could relate to her story of exploring the depths of the game, and trying to find her place in it.

"I haven't been a part of any major organization." she explains. "Neither at the top influencing strategy for major fights, nor as a grunt following orders in massive fleet fights that aren't seen in other games. Yet I can carve my own place within the community, and be known as a small fish in a big pond, precisely because of the open nature of gameplay. Massive fights and wars for sovereignty of null-sec regions can make headlines, but there remains a place for the personal stories, those affecting handfuls of people, because no one else can tell them."

Why She bought EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

"I'm most interested in Danger Game, as I enjoy board games and would like to see where and how EVE Online started. The illustrated book about the history of EVE Online also looks great, and of course the in-game items, in particular the golden pod, gives extra incentive to pick up a copy. And I can't forget the USB hub, as it's modelled on the Rifter, one of the most recognizable ships in the game. I imagine I won't be able to resist flying the Rifter around my flat and tackling my cats with it."

Xander Phoena, the political reporter

Who he is

A podcaster who conducts in-depth, investigative interviews with candidates running for election to EVE's player representative council

The path he chose

In 2009, Xander started EVE Online like most players: sticking to the safe, high-security systems. It wasn't long before he was recruited by a friend into a corporation that operated in null-sec space, however. He embraced the group and describes himself as a "happy null-sec grunt" who just follows orders when it comes to fighting.

In 2012, he started a podcast for his corporation, called Crossing Zebras, dedicated to talking about EVE Online. The podcast was mildly popular but didn't really erupt until elections for the 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) kicked off earlier this year.

The CSM is a group of players, elected by their fellow players to meet and speak with CCP in person periodically throughout their term. CCP discusses their future plans with the Council, and takes all of their feedback into account when making decisions about the game.

When players announced their candidacy for the CSM8 elections, Xander attempted to interview every single one of them on the podcast. He conducted 36 30-minute interviews over the course of three weeks, and CCP helped ensure all of the voting players had a chance to hear from the candidates directly on the show.

Xander conducted the interviews like a professional, researching each candidate's background and history in EVE, in order to confront them about any potential problems that they might be trying to hide from voters. In one particular interview, he confronted a candidate about the racist language and views he'd consistently spouted on the official EVE forums. It was a challenging interview and CCP ended up revoking the player's candidacy because of Xander's investigative reporting.

Not all of the candidates took the elections as seriously as Xander, though. He notes that one of them didn't even know what "CSM" stood for, and had decided to run as a joke. Xander didn't cut them any slack?his goal is always to make sure the voting players knows the true EVE values and intentions of the person they're voting for. He makes sure to stay completely within EVE Online, though, never dragging real-life issues into the conversation.

Why He Wants The?EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

"I really want it and it's fantastic value for the money... I'm very impressed with everything CCP pulled together for it. The book and Mystery Code, in particular, are both incredibly cool."

Azmodeus Valar, the teacher

Who she is

The head of EVE University, a corporation that's trained tens of thousands of players, helping them make friends while learning the game

The path she chose

EVE University was founded in 2004 by Morning Maniac to help teach new players about EVE. Amodeus joined in 2007 in order to find a community to make friends with while learning more about the game, and EVE University proved to be the perfect place for that.

While Azmodeus has been a part of the University, it's continued to expand and add specialized classes and open resources like their wiki. At this point, the University has set up groups in all regions of space, to help players wherever they are, including high-sec, low-sec, null-sec, and inside wormholes.

Most of their classes are hosted on their public voice-chat servers, and the schedule of classes?is available on online so players can jump into a course whenever they're able to. In between classes, their voice-chat servers also host events like the CSM town hall meetings, where candidates answer questions from the players directly.

Other corporations are happy to support the University, which provides some of its most successful recruits, much like large business and universities in the real world. Many send fleet commanders and the like as guest teachers for the University's classes, while others offer internships to students or just offer straight donations of ISK to fund them.

Azmodeus is proud of the impact she and the University has had throughout the years. She explains, "We try to maintain a neutral place for new players to have fun at, before they move on to become the movers and shakers in the EVE universe. The biggest impact we've had is the tens of thousands of former students who've moved on into hundreds of different corporations throughout the game."

Why She bought?EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

"I wanted the hardcover book that was included. I have to say, I was very impressed by the collector's edition, and the book had some breathtaking artwork. It was a fascinating way to view the EVE universe."

RDNx, the radio jockey and party planner

Who he is

The host of an online radio station and organizer of EVE Down Under, an annual gamer meetup in Australia

The path he chose

RDNx started playing in 2009, and has avoided the larger corporations since the beginning. He plays as a lone wolf, who has the most fun figuring things out by himself and his neutrality has been useful when building up a community of EVE players in the Australia area.

He set out on a personal quest in 2011 to visit every single high-sec, low-sec, and null-sec system in the entire universe of EVE. It took him four months and 23 replacement ships, but he accomplished it and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

Shortly after, he began hosting an EVE-focused talk show on his radio station, NetGamerRadio, every Friday night during server downtime. Him and his guests focus on entertaining fellow gamers, and talking about the game from an Australian perspective.

It's gathered quite a following, both locally and abroad. So much so that RDNx started hosting an annual live event in 2012 called EVE Down Under. Over 200 players showed up this year to talk about EVE, meet some friends, and have fun over the weekend together. CCP even showed up to reveal some upcoming content, and some large alliances even sent representatives to give presentations and meet with everyone.

Why he bought?EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

"While I don?t normally buy collectors editions, as a hard core EVE gamer, it's just one of those things I had? to do. I was really impressed by the book. Richard Shoemaker and the team did a great job a chronicling the first ten years of EVE and providing some interesting guest writers? perspectives. But the Rifter USB hub was always going to be the highlight for a spaceship nerd like me."

Dierdra Vaal, the politician

Who she is

A frequently elected player representative to the Council of Stellar Management

The path she chose

Dierdra began her life in EVE as one of the tens of thousands of students that Azmodeus mentioned have graduated from EVE University. Diedra started as a student, and then became a teacher, recruitment officer, and eventually the Director of Education overseeing the teaching, mentor, and events programs.

During that time, she also ran for election to the Council of Stellar Management, and was elected to it three separate times. She worked hard to promote EVE University and its ideals while on the CSM, and says that she joined to ensure that new players were being remembered when the dev team was making decisions. She could've written letters to the dev team, but she believes that "when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."

Her other big goal as an EVE politician was to ensure that other, more greedy corps weren't trying to steamroll their own agenda through the CSM. She often played devil's advocate when she thought one particular gameplay style was being over represented to the developers.

Of course, the most time-intensive work of politicians is often listening to the complaints, requests, and rants of their constituents. It's no different for EVE politicians. Dierdra tracked the Assembly Hall forums for topics that large numbers of players cared about, and would reach out to players to get a better understanding of their concerns and requests before she'd take them to the devs at the CSM council meetings.

After stepping down from her role in the CSM, Dierdra has stayed involved in politics and the community. She hosts an annual player convention in Amsterdam, and is most well-known for creating the CSM Vote Match website. Through a series of questions that identify what's important to you in EVE and where you stand on some key issues, the site will recommend a candidate based on their own stances on those same issues.

Her favorite teaching story

"My first time as a fleet commander, I was a newbie flying a blackbird and leading a rag-tag band of Eve University pilots against the old Privateer Alliance. I'll never forget the rush and stress of that first command. We found a battleship on a gate in Jita. We engaged it, but it turned out to be a trap. We killed it, but we lost five cruisers in the process."

Choose your own path

That's just a small sample of the hundreds of different lives you can live in EVE Online's freeform universe. You can jump into the game for free right now with a free 14-day trial through Amazon.

If you want to get started on the best possible foot, though, you should pick up one of the brilliant starter packs customized for a few of the major roles: miner, bounty hunter, explorer, arms dealer, and planet commander. These'll give you everything you need to get started, and help you find your place in the universe.

And, of course, if you're super excited about the game and want to dive in with both feet first, you have to pick up EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition. It's an incredible deal with a wonderful art history book, mountains of in-game items, the fun board game created by the developers to fund EVE Online's creation 10 years ago, an incredibly detailed USB-hub in the shape of a gorgeous EVE ship, and plenty more.