Shape of the World is an exploration game that grows around you

Take a look at Shape of the World; a relaxing warm bath for your eyes. It's a procedurally generated exploration game in the Proteus style. As you wonder across the landscape, the world grows around you. Trees and bushes sprout up, and flocks of what I can only describe as, er, happy little sperm fish-birds fly overhead. Okay, that last sentence rather ruined the serene atmosphere I was trying to depict. I should probably just post the trailer.

There's a Kickstarter running right now. The developers are hoping to raise $75,000 CAD, and have six days left to meet that total. Currently, Shape of the World has raised just over $56,000 CAD.

Here's a relevant passage that outlines the game's style:

"Shape of the World is deliberately disorienting. The forest only materializes around you when you get close, and it regrows in a new way each time you pass. The game features a graphically compelling procedurally generated environment that shifts continually. What will you find when you retrace your steps?"

If funding is met, Shape of the World is estimated for July 2016.


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