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Let's reboot ... Jedi Knight

This week Disney lit a pyre and consigned Lucasarts to history. It went wobbly towards the end, but few studios can match Lucasarts' distinguished back catalogue. For many it's their adventure games that spring to mind when considering the studio's legacy, but savvy licensing and sterling in-house work produced great Star Wars games, too, like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Dark Forces. Raven took over reins for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, and honoured Lucasarts' demise by releasing the source code for both games for free on Thursday. With the future of Star Wars 1313 in jeopardy, it's hard to know where the next Star Wars game will come from. We're going to have to invent our own. It's time do direct this week's dose of wishful thinking toward a reboot of Jedi Knight.

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Raven salutes LucasArts with release of Jedi Knight II source code

It's sad to see LucasArts officially shuttered, but here's something very positive to come out of it: Raven Software has released the source code for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as a tribute. That means modders keen to bend those old Star Wars games to their whim now have all the tools they need.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic hands-on

I’m a telepathic warrior-diplomat in a skirt, and my best friend is an eightfoot lizardman with a stick. Take away the big words, and the fantasy of inhabiting the Star Wars universe is an odd one: yet in my case it’s something that has survived nearly fifteen years of dodgy movies and hit-and-miss games. You could write three paragraphs of deeply personal insults and I wouldn’t mind as long as they flew past me in giant yellow letters accompanied by a horn section.

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Saturday Crapshoot: Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week month, we're diving into the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time (with the word 'Trek' in it), generation by generation. First up, it's The Original Series. While traditional Star Trek may have had its life support equipment yanked out in recent years, it remains one of the most beloved and most influential sci-fi universes of all time - at least until soldiers start going into battle armed with lightsabers and the Force, or aliens turn up and reveal that Lexx was a documentary. Five main TV shows. Eleven movies. Hundreds of novels and spin-offs. And of course, games. So many games, from adventures to shooters to strategy to cards. Surprising nobody, most of them are pretty mediocre - Star Trek never really got its Jedi Knight or its X-Wing. In trying to find a winning formula though, developers have cranked out some fun, weird and even clever ideas over the decades - and this month, we're going to be looking at some of them. Each week we'll focus on one from a different era of the show (ignoring Enterprise because there aren't any for that), and take a quick tour round some of the others. And to start things off on a positive note, here's that rarest of treasures: a genuinely good licensed game. I know. I'm scared too...

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