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For reference, here's our list of the 100 games we think rule over all other PC games.

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The 20 best deals in Valve's massive Steam sale

Steam is in the midst of an unprecedentedly huge sale. Literally hundreds of games have become stupidly cheap for ten days - too many to easily keep track of. I'm the kind of gamer who's actually bought things he already owns on Steam, just to have them on Steam, so I've been poring through all the offers to find the best. There are some clear winners, some absurd bargains, and some fairly obscure gems that are now close to free. These are my twenty picks of the best, cheapest stuff. Today's deals will only last till 6pm BST, 1pm EDT. The rest are all good till July 4th.

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The cheapest downloadable games to buy on PC

Not only have PC games never been cheaper, they’ve never been reduced in price so fast. That hot new release may cost you between £30 and £35 when it comes out, but you can safely expect that to drop by 15, 25 or sometimes even 75% over the next few months. Digital distribution services such as Steam and Good Old Games are constantly running sales and promotions. If you wait, you usually get the best version of the game, and often all its DLC bundled for free. What do you do with the money you save? You buy more games! Take some risks! Try more genres! Maybe there was something that caught your eye back in the day, but you didn’t have £30 to gamble on actually liking turnbased strategy games, or not being put off by a score of 70%. Maybe classics such as Psychonauts or Sacrifice simply slipped your attention at release, and you just never got around to catching up. Maybe you’re simply attracted by a screenshot or a funny description. For £5, it doesn’t really matter whether a game is an unsung gem, or just something to pass the time on a dark, rainy evening. Of course, we’ve set our sights a little higher, tracking down the best games that you can buy online for under £15, £10 and £5, as well as a selection of formerly commercial games that have officially been re-released as freeware. We’ve avoided a few, such as Deus Ex, in the name of giving some less-recognised games a turn in the spotlight, and of course, there’ll be sales on now that there weren’t at the time of writing. If the game you want isn’t cheap enough yet, just hold fire. With digital distribution, you’ll rarely wait very long.

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