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World of Warcraft 4.3 patch is a loregasm. Plus: why 4.3 can’t be the end for Cataclysm

Deathwing skewered on the perch of Wyrmrest Temple. The tortured ghosts of Sylvanas, Jaina and Tyrande. Mannaroth! Again! Last night, Blizzard released details of the new dungeons and raids coming to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I’ve got some bad news. They sound amazing. Prepare for a loregasm. There are three five-mans and one raid coming to 4.3. The five-mans tell the story of heroes charging through time and space to retrieve the Dragon Soul, an ancient weapon that Thrall and the remaining sane Dragon Aspects reckon could defeat Deathwing. The raid is the run up to, and the final Deathwing fight - running up Wyrmrest Temple before being plunged into the Maelstrom. So: first to the end of the World. Of Warcraft. In End Times.

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The best songs in PC gaming: Volume 1

Ever since soundcards gave our PCs the ability to sing, a good song in the right place has been a great way to catch our attention. Usually funny, but occasionally creepy or poignant, they're a chance for a game to cut loose and play. Here's our first selection of the good, the bad and the just plain confusing. Oh - and we've discounted Still Alive. Why? Because that's the one everyone already knows.

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Game of Thrones diary part four: staying alive in Crusader Kings 2′s Westeros

Welcome to the Game of Thrones diary, in which Rich plays as Ned Stark and tries to stay alive in the excellent Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2. The diary may contain spoilers for Game of Thrones book one and season one of the TV show. Missed the start? Here's part one, part two and part three. My wife is dead and I am sad. Catelyn Stark died last month, and Ned Stark – still ruler of the North of Westeros, and still alive at my hands – is in some serious mourning. Crusader Kings II codifies that mourning in the form of negative character traits: my Ned is now ‘depressed’, ‘chaste’, and a ‘widower’ – traits that conspire to make him about as fertile as a socially awkward panda. That’s a problem when Crusader Kings II’s explicit aim is to create as strong a dynasty as possible, and my eldest son Robb is useless in a fight, diplomatic or otherwise. Ned’s sad right now but I’m confident, thanks to some Wiki reading, that his malaise will lift. I’ll get over Catelyn, shake off my temporary chasteness and get back to the business of making strong little babies to continue the Stark name. But to do that, I need a new wife.

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