Rift trailer celebrates free to play launch with a round-up of its many features

Here's a cheeky shot at certain other MMOs; ones that perhaps haven't been as generous with their free to play content. Rift is going free to play, and to make the switch Trion Worlds have released this trailer, explaining the features that free-to-players will have access to. It stops just short of going "BOOM! It's the whole game", then dropping the mic and strutting off the stage. Actually, looking at it again, that's pretty much exactly what it does.

To sum it up less provocatively, here's the free-to-play comparison chart:

The better news is that Rift is well worth trying out. We liked it back in 2011 , when it had just a fraction of its current content, and continued to like it last year, when I reviewed the Storm Legion expansion .

Rift is also launching its 2.3 update today. It brings a new zone, a 10-player raid, a Chronicle, and open-world raid bosses, along with some added performance improvements.


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