Remember Me gets a release date and memorable new trailer

Phil Savage

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The writers of Remember Me are going to great lengths to let you know their game takes place in the future. For starters, it's set in Neo Paris. Also there's a character called Edge, the sort of name that could only come about in the dystopian vision of a world where celebrity baby naming gets extreme . I'm actually amazed that they haven't included a device that plugs into your head and overlays glitchy VR graphics throughout the world... OH NO WAIT, THEY HAVE.

And yet, despite the futurist world-building bullshit and aggressive Protagonist Amnesia plot device, Remember Me does look like a promising slice of sci-fi pulp gaming. I'm not entirely convinced it'll be great, but it seems like a silly enough concept that it just might work. Or maybe it'll prove (*drum-roll*) entirely forgettable.

As the trailer reveals, Remember Me is due out June 4th.

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