Razer pulls out a Switchblade

razer switchblade 9

You may have noticed these new fangled tablet things that appear to be quite popular in some circles. Mouse and keyboard makers Razer has been experimenting with the miniature charms of these ultraportables for some time now, first unveiling its concept gaming tablet, the Switchblade , back at CES in January.

The Switchblade is a clamshell design with a seven inch screen at the top and a tactile keyboard that adapts to whatever game you're playing with icons replacing the key symbols. Inside, there's WiFi and 3G connectivity, a discrete graphics card and an Intel Atom processor.

The company has put out a press release today claiming that the Switchblade is the first device to use Intel's Atom Z690 CPU running at 1.7GHz. Razer reckons this is good enough for gaming, although to be honest I'm not convinced - an Atom is an Atom is an Atom and all that. Not that it matters hugely, the Switchblade is still only a concept device with no firms plans by Razer to bring it to market - although giving out details of the chip inside does make it more likely that it will eventually appear.

Also, it's beautiful and rightly won lots of awards at CES. And this is as good an excuse as any to show off pictures of what a handheld PC gaming tablet might look like, if we were very lucky.