Proteus to be officially released next week

Ed Key has announced that his procedurally generated audio amble-em-up Proteus will be released on January 30th. Technically, it's already "released" - you can buy and play it right now, but the 30th marks both the official no-longer-a-beta update, and the game's appearance on Steam.

According to Key, "Since the start of the beta we've been refining and expanding Proteus and have reached a point where it feels right to call it “done” (at least until we've had a rest and thought about another update)."

The game will cost $9.99 at launch, but you can purchase it from the game's website before the 30th for the bargain price of $7.50. All direct buyers will also receive a Steam key.

Proteus is an exploration focused game by Ed Kay and David Kanaga, in which the landscape, flora and fauna generate ambient music that subtly shifts as you move around. You can read Tom Francis explaining why you should buy it right here .


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