Prison Architect's alpha7 update bangs up the backers

The latest Prison Architect update celebrates the incarceration management sim's recent milestones by inserting the faces, names and bios of all backers who've pledged the required amounts. Players who've paid at least $50 can find themselves in the new Name in the Game option, and request to have themselves transferred to their jail.

Which means you can now watch helplessly as you're shanked in your own prison. Weird.

Other additions in this new update include upgraded door unlocking, which stops prisoners from freely wandering about of their own accord, and a brand new feature called "changing the game's resolution." Sounds resolutionary.

It's not too late to get your name and face added to the list of Prison Architect's wrongdoers. Introversion have set up a new Upgrades page to let people increase their pledge amount. Or, if you just want to buy the game, you can do that here . At least, you can when the website comes back online. It seems to have escaped right now.


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