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The best PC games of 2012

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Publisher: Yami
Release: Spring

A free car time trials game set to leave the grid after the launch of Windows 8’s Store. Apparently it’s been made by a not-for-profit bunch of journalists. We doubt it’ll have the depth of DiRT 3, but it’s sure to offer a few drop-in bouts of fun.

Ridge Racer Unbounded

Publisher: Namco Bandai
Release: Spring

Marks the long running series’ first move away from the arcades towards more realistic racing, as well as its first venture onto the PC. It promises exhilarating collisions and a TrackMania-style track editor.

Crash Time IV: The Syndicate

Publisher: RTL Interactive
Release: 2012

Race around 100km of racetrack in modern Cologne while solving automotive crimes. It received a critical panning when it came out on Xbox earlier in the year, so best not to get your hopes up.

Project Haste

Publisher: Ubisoft
Release: 2012

It’s an ATV racer by Techland, the folks behind nail’d. Project Haste is a working title, so this could well be a sequel. All we know is that it’ll feature aerial tricks and extensive multiplayer. The original picked up a solid 76% back in PCG 223.

RaceDriver: GRID 2

Publisher: Codemasters
Release: 2012

The little we know about this track racer suggests increased online integration in the manner of the most recent Need For Speed games. As a cousin to DiRT and direct successor to the venerable TOCA, it’d be great to see it make a return.

F1 Online: The Game

Publisher: Codemasters
Release: Spring

Codemasters have firmly re-established the F1 franchise, but F1 Online sees the racer go free-to-play. We saw it at Gamescom last year and it looked like a fun but basic topdown racer, with direction and speed worked from your mouse. Low system requirements make this an accessible web-game for genre fans, and you can buy new bits for your car too. Vroom?

F1 2012

Publisher: Codemasters
Release: 2012

When F1 2011 escaped from its predecessor’s shadow, shedding a legacy of evil, cheating AI drivers as it went, we were there on the sidelines cheering it on. There are still important places for the F1 sim series to go, however. Proper weather modelling would be nice, as would a long-awaited revamp of the Career mode that has remained unchanged since F1 2010. We’re excited to see what Codies Birmingham will do with a solid base to work from.

Carmageddon Reincarnation

Publisher: Stainless Games
Release: 2012

1997’s Carmageddon introduced an anarchic, fruity approach to the racing genre that remains unmatched. Stainless Games have retained the rights and are updating the game as Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Without a publisher behind it, will Reincarnation get the attention and love it deserves?

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