Peggle is now free on Origin

I was on the verge of photoshopping this to read "Extreme Freever", but it was too much effort and didn't even make sense.

EA have revealed the next game in their ongoing 'On The House' promotion series. First, they gave away Dead Space . Then, it was Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies . Now, it's Peggle—making this either the best or worst of their free-game offers, depending on your fondness for unicorns, rainbows, and an impossibly compelling series of block-smashing levels.


Okay, this is embarrassing. To be honest, I've finished one paragraph and realised there's nothing left to write. It's Peggle. It's free . If you don't already own Peggle, this is your chance to correct that mistake. If you don't think you'll like Peggle, this is your chance to correct that mistake. If you know that you don't like Peggle... then there's not a lot of point in you being in this post. Here's something about violence .

Basically, click on these words and get a free Peggle . Unless you're reading this after 5th August, in which case you were too late.


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