Oculus Rift won't ship with Doom 3 BFG Edition, game no longer supported at launch

Tom Sykes


If you backed Oculus Rift - the fancy virtual reality headset thingy - on Kickstarter, you were probably hoping it would ship with a game for you to use it with, when they send ze goggles out to you in the next few days. That game was supposed to be Doom 3 BFG Edition, as an "extra thank you" to backers, but unfortunately the offer's no longer on the table. As relayed to backers, and posted on NeoGAF , the game won't support the Rift development kit by the time the headset starts shipping out - but it's not all non-Doom and gloom. There are number of compensation options, detailed below, including Steam credit or even a full refund for your pledge, if you've lost faith.

Here's what you're getting, in lieu of Doom 3 BFGVR Edition: $20 Steam Wallet credit, OR $25 Oculus Store credit, OR a full refund. You could use that Steam credit to buy Half-Life 2 and the original Crysis, both of which are currently being modded to support Oculus Rift, and will likely be ready soon after the VR hat hits the wild.

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