New Warhammer 40K title in the works at Slitherine

Phil Savage


Games Workshop have popped on their sorting hat and picked out another studio to craft something from one of their WAR-heavy licenses. This time it's Slitherine, publishers of tricky tactical strategy Unity of Command , who have been tasked with making a new game for the 40,000 universe. That's the sci-fi one with "Orks", not the fantasy one with "Orcs".

What will the game be? We don't really know yet - much of the details of the deal are being kept under wraps. All we know for sure is it'll be a turn-based strategy, and that it's being developed for multiple, as yet unnamed, platforms. Given Slitherine's back-catalogue, this could mean the most faithful adaptation of tabletop Warhammer to date.

With Slitherine taking hold of the 40K license, what does that mean for the series' previous custodians, Relic. Actually, not that much: in a statement to GamesIndustry , Games Workshop say they're moving to a less exclusive licensing philosophy. "The days of monolithic Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 licenses on all platforms are behind us. In the future, games based on our properties will be platform and subject specic, which is great news as it means there are far more opportunities than before."

More War for everyone then. In addition to whatever Slitherine are working on, we also know Creative Assembly are creatively assembling something in the trad-fantasy Warhammer setting.

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