Minecraft Spotlight: February's best mods, maps and texture packs

Each month we plunge face first into the rushing river of Minecraft community creativity, and rise to the surface again, triumphantly clenching fresh mods, maps and more in our terrifying beak-mouths. Need more? Check out last month's spotlight, or our best mods and best custom maps features.

In this month's Minecraft Spotlight: try on textures fit for an ancient Roman emperor, fill your pockets with an RPG inventory system, show off your book-learnin', discover the modern wonders of handheld illumination and immerse yourselves in the sprawling splendour of King's Landing. As always, be certain to read the instructions and check for version compatibility (these all work swimmingly with 1.4.7). PC Gamer accepts no responsibility for crashes, spilt milk, tears, the awakening of dread Cthulhu from his millennia-old slumber or imploding minor universes.

MOD: RPG Inventory

Senpaisubaraki's RPG Inventory Mod only recently migrated into Alpha and it's already looking rather good. Then again, I could be biased. Nothing says a good time to me like a old-fashioned RPG and what better way to evoke memories of those good old days than to appoint your character in jewelry, capes, bracers and armour sets capable of doing things like turning you into a rampaging Berserker? One of the things I especially like about this mod is how certain paraphernalia can and will exhibit physical evidence of their existence. Like my mother always said, why put on a ring of speed if it has no visual effect? (On a more practical note, the buffs they grant are also rather snazzy.) The textures here are still rough around the edges but the mod includes a whole variety of things including classes that'd bring a smile to any Dungeon & Dragons fan. Besides, why wouldn't you want to catapult Creepers into the air on whim?

Download RPG Inventory from here.

MAP: King's Landing

3000 buildings, each and every one fully decorated on both inside and the out. 100 people. Four months. That's what this monumental King's Landing map is made of. We've waxed poetic about it before . Heck, pretty much every media outlet worth its 1-up has done the same. Nonetheless, there was one critical flaw in this mind-blowing Minecraft marvel – it wasn't available for download. For a while, the public had to content themselves with daydreams and longing stares but not anymore. And, as media attention died away, WesterosCraft quietly made the magnificent King's Landing map available for download. Is there anything more that needs to be said? I thought not. Squee.

Download King's Landing from here.

MOD: BiblioCraft

From jaw-dropping maps inspired by the best-selling A Song of Fire and Ice franchise, we now move on to something tangentially related: books. BiblioCraft is a mod designed especially for the more literary-minded denizens of the Minecraft universe and those who may have a compulsive need to keep their surroundings completely immaculate. Developed after the creator found themselves the owner of one too many tomes, BiblioCraft features 7 new types of storage blocks. It has a bookcase that can show off up to 16 books, an armor stand capable of displaying an entire suit of armor, a potion shelf for up to 12 potions, a tool rack that can contain 4 different tools or weapons, a general shelf, a display case for your trophies and a wooden label to help you identify which chest contains what because man, chances are you're going to need the help!

Download BiblioCraft from here.

TEXTURE PACK: Ancient World

Though it's hard to fully translate the alabaster splendor of ancient Grecian architecture into Minecraft, it looks like Ancient World creator EdJohnnyBoy is certainly giving things the old college try. With this expansive texture pack, we have practically all the fixtures of that by-gone world. Marble blocks, silk, spartan soldiers, tigers, zombies - the list goes on! On top of that, there's even era-appropriate furniture, fluting columns and lava for good measure. While not quite perfect, it's still a hodgepodge of archaic delights that is more than likely to satisfy anyone who has been wanting to build a gladiator-infested Coliseum.

Download Ancient World from here.

MOD: The Flash Light

This realistic flash light is a simple idea but one that has been implemented with a considerable amount of finesse. Though purists may argue that it undermines the importance of torches within the game, the idea of being able to lug a handheld-source of perpetual illumination may be more than appealing to the less hardcore. Sure, the creator is probably going to come up with something that will prevent such blatant exploitation but until then, this mod is rather perfect for those need assistance deterring the advances of Minecraft's malevolent menagerie. That said, I'm also dying to see a Slender mod constructed around this.

Download The Flashlight from here .