Meaty new update for Hawken brings new Mech, map, the ability to robo-cuss

Andy Hartup

Meet the new Raider Mech
Changes are coming to stompy free-to-play mech battler Hawken . The latest update, which went live today, introduces the new Raider Mech and a fresh map called Facility. It also brings the ability to equip Mech Taunts, allowing you to belittle dead opponents with the tap of a key. The 'G' key, to be precise.

The Raider Mech is described as a medium class unit that specialises in quickly closing the gap between yourself and opponents, before dealing out substantial damage at close range. It's a class B, has a Muller chassis, and is rated with a 4.0 difficulty.

This update also brings a stack of extra weapons and upgrades too, largely focused on short-range damage, to help you get the most out of the new Raider. Want fixes? Yeah, there are a bunch of these too. Full list here.

Finally, you can now use Mech Taunts to mock the opponents you kill. Each class has a pair of set phrases that you can unleash by tapping 'G', and they range from clichéd to downright cringe-worthy. You get one free for each class, and despite being a bit lame, they do neatly sidestep the embarrassment of being butchered as you diligently type out a full, weapons-grade insult towards the total stranger you just virtually killed.

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