Massive list of Diablo 3 features confirmed and denied by Bashiok

T.J. Hafer


Diablo 3 has only been out a few weeks, but players are already getting very vocal about changes they would like to see to the game. WoW Insider recently spotted a thread in which Blizzard community manager Bashiok confirmed, refuted, and danced around a slew of such suggestions. I've organized them into neat categories below, based on how likely he says they are to happen.

Coming in the next major patch

  • Ability to lock the buttons on the action bar
  • Ability to sort the auction house by Buyout Only
  • Ability to change the font size in the chat window
  • A visible buff icon for Magic Weapon
  • Selling damaged items on the auction house automatically repairs them for the buyer for free
  • Quick Join will show what difficulty your friends are playing and who else is in the game with them

Planned feature:

  • Changing follower AI so they don't target invulnerable enemies and aren't so zealous to engage things like treasure goblins before you start attacking
  • Starting a new game on Nightmare or higher will show you a tooltip about enabling Elective Mode
  • Auction House UI improvements
  • Invulnerable Minions (mob prefix) are "a bit ridiculous right now," and will probably be tweaked

Dev team "wish list" feature:

  • Ability to move and resize the chat window
  • Retaining Nephalem Valor stacks if you're disconnected due to a connection issue
  • "Smart" potion button that automatically uses the next best potion you have in your inventory
  • Ability to save and quickly swap between builds, import builds from the website into the game
  • Improved chat UI, possibly with player-made channels

We'll think about it:

  • Visible indicator of how much damage absorption you have left on a spell like Diamond Skin
  • Having your last hired follower keep following you when you start a single-player game on a different chapter
  • Ability to see what tier of crafting materials an item will give before salvaging it
  • Ability to make Quick Join "Friends only" (Keeping out Recent Players)
  • Adding boolean (AND/OR) search functionality to the auction house
  • Ability to see stats on items you previously sold in the auction house

Probably not happening:

  • Adding visible numbers to ability cooldowns and health/resource globes
  • Duration icons for summoned creatures
  • Hiding the experience bar once you reach max level
  • Moving, scaling, and hiding UI elements such as the action bar and health globes
  • Disabling follower dialogue (And why would you want to? Enchantress is ADORABLE!)
  • Option to auto-skip dialog and cutscenes without having to hit Esc

What kinds of changes not on this list do you want to see in Diablo 3?

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