Legend of Grimrock Master Quest expands original layout, puzzles, threat to social life

Omri Petitte


Legend of Grimrock Master Quest mod

If you think you've reached the end of Legend of Grimrock's twisting stone warrens and clever traps, the Master Quest is here to remind you that the mighty crawl never ends. Creator Komag's substantial work is a custom super-dungeon that tosses in more challenging enemies, puzzles, and even a value tracker for all the loot your party lugs around.

Existing party setups from the original Grimrock are easily imported, and Komag says the expected gain for veteran players sits around 10 extra levels. Fresh parties between levels 1 to 25 also work with the dungeon's scalability, and masters of the Master Quest can top up to level 35 and max multiple skills for an extra element of strategy.

The number of secrets awaiting discovery by torchlight is bumped to 120, and it adds a value assignment for the items collected along the adventure. Loot totals factor into a new ranking system for your party, and your shinies-sniffing skills earn a title and rating at the quest's conclusion, which won't happen for some time due to a lengthy side-story and extra lore scribblings that dot the dungeon for your discovery.

Almost Human is bringing us Legend of Grimrock 2 soon, but the Master Quest is a great way to both revisit the original escapade-under-the-mountain and warp the hours forward to "Wait, what time is it?" o' clock. Grab it on Steam or Grimrock Nexus .

Legend of Grimrock Master Quest

Legend of Grimrock Master Quest

Legend of Grimrock Master Quest

Legend of Grimrock Master Quest

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