Jurassic Park out in April, new trailer released

Jurassic Park Thumbnail

You might've thought you'd never see another Jurassic Park game, but nature always finds a way. Telltale Games, the company behind Tales of Monkey Island and the recent Back to the Future series, are bringing the thunder lizards back in April. You'll find the new trailer below.

Telltale announced at E3 last year that, like their other games, Jurassic Park will be released as a series of downloadable episodes, but that the game will have more of a focus on action than slow-burn puzzle solving. Speaking to Joystiq , Telltale design director Dave Grossman said that "In the case of Jurassic Park, we've wanted to kind of step out and do something that's cinematically much more serious than the kind of.... you know, we feel like we're getting pigeonholed a little bit as a company that makes funny cartoon games about talking animals, whereas really what we think of ourselves as is a company that makes games about cinema." We'll see if Telltale can pull off a more serious tone when the game's released this April. Check out the Jurassic Park site for more info, and some screenshots.

[via VG247 ]


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