Is Albert De Silva GTA 5's lead character?

gta v albert de silva

The GTA V trailer provoked a lot of intrigue here at PC Gamer. Are characters from other GTA games going to make appearences? Will it be a retro setting, or will it, like IV, take place in the modern day? Will there be a poorly optimised PC mission where you have to awkwardly pilot a remote control helicopter into a maze-like building?

One element of the game that's looking increasingly certain is the lead character, and - more specifically - the voice actor lending his tones to him. According to Eurogamer , Ned Luke's IMDb page currently lists him as “Albert De Silva” in Grand Theft Auto V, and a tweet from actor Jimmy Taenaka said , “My fellow thespian Ned Luke is the lead voice and profile in the upcoming game by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5! Way to go Ned! Wholly Molly!”

Luke certainly looks the part - the nose and jawline match up with the character seen 40 seconds into the trailer. This character is obviously beefy, and approximately matches Luke's age of 53. He's looking over the city like he's conquered it, like he owns it. Is this Albert De Silva?

But something doesn't add up. GTA's characters - from III's Claude to IV's Nico Bellic - have always been aspirational young men. The plot usually follows the rise-to-power-through-crime arc, but if De Silva is the lead character his rooftop posturing feels like a foregone conclusion - the crucial question at the heart of a GTA story is whether or not the protagonist makes it to the top.

Rockstar could be trying one of two things. GTA V's story could be told in flashback, which would explain how San Andreas' CJ shows up without being absolutely ancient, and could tie into Tom's multiple protagonists theory . The exterminator shown immediately afterwards has the same hairline and eyes as the possible De Silva, but he also looks more youthful and less paunchy.

There's also the possibility that Luke is voicing a different lead, and that his likeness has just been used for an incidental character.

The internet probably has an opinion on this. What is it?