World War Machine is an RPG about blowing up "freaky way-too-organic-looking robots"

Emanuel Maiberg


World War Machine looked like one of the more promising projects to come out of Square Enix's crowdfunding Collective project . Admittedly, that's mostly because the concept art for it looked cool, but it was hard to tell what it wanted it to be with its “post-human RPG” description. The game kicked off its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today with a first trailer, and we now know that, as Creative Director at Tuque Games Jeff Hattem says, “It's about blowing up robots—lots of freaky way-too-organic-looking robots.”

As you can see in the trailer, you'll play the game from a familiar isometric perspective, roam around the post-apocalyptic world, shoot up other robots and harvest them for color-coded loot. Basically, take Diablo's bows, magic spells, and swords, and replace them with machine guns, rockets, and other weapon systems and upgrades.

“One of the coolest features in my opinion is the level of gameplay customization you have,” Hattem told me. “This doesn't show that well in the trailers, you kind of have to play it to feel it. But we have so many sliders to tweak your play-style and customize hotkeys. You can have six different inputs for six different weapons. You can put all your weapons and all your abilities on left-click too if you want. You'll overheat really fast though, so be careful with that.”

Tuque Games currently has eight full-time developers, a handful of freelancers, and it's been working on the game for the past 8 month. It's looking to raise $50,000 to make its dream game, which will include more features and enemy designs that it wouldn't be able to realize otherwise. However, the team is also partially funded by it's own investment and the Canada Media fund.

You can support the game and check out the large selection of backer rewards on its Indiegogo page .

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