Heroes of the Storm next hero is Sylvanas Windrunner

First announced at last year's Blizzcon, Blizzard has finally revealed that Warcraft's Lady Sylvanas will be the next hero released for Heroes of the Storm. Designated as a siege specialist, Sylvanas boasts high DPS, and has both burst and damage-over-time abilities.

Not only can Sylvanas fire while moving, she has a damage-over-time spell that can infect nearby enemies and a short-range teleport that slows them. Oh yeah, she can possess mercenaries and minions too.

Judging from the livestream's teaser, expect Sylvanas's pre-Forsaken form to be an alternate skin.

Also detailed during the presentation was the game's next Battleground: Tomb of the Spider Queen. Its a small map; one that Dustin Browder described as like a "knife fight in a closet". Players fight across three compact lanes, and can collect gems to summon spider queens. According to Browder, the map is Blizzard fulfilling "the promise of what battlegrounds can accomplish".

No dates were given for the release of either Sylvanas or Tomb of the Spider Queen.


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