Guild Wars 2 trailer teases next week's Seeds of Truth update

Today, as with every other alternate Tuesday, a new Guild Wars 2 trailer has happened. This one comes with the phrase, "to catch a thief, you must become a thief," which, for Thief characters, isn't going to be too much of a stretch.

Previously on Guild Wars 2's Living World: Caithe stole Glint's egg, which was revealed when Ogden's hourglass... look, I'll be honest, we're deep into the game's lore here. Stuff happened; more stuff will happen. Sometimes there's a giant plant-wolf thing.

If you are into the series' story, this Living World season has been liberally exploring past events. The suggestion of the trailer is that players will somehow relive Caithe's past—specifically her relationship with Faolain.

In related news, MMORPG are reporting that, from tomorrow, Guild Wars 2 will be available for 50% off. The sale is running on the game's store page, and will be active until 7 December.

The Seeds of Truth update is out next week, on 2 December.


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