GTA V revs up viral marketing engines

Richard Cobbett

There's still no official release date for Rockstar's upcoming GTA V, but its sordid universe of gangs, violence and classic crime movies has already started leaking into our own. First on the viral marketing scene; praise Kifflom, for The Epsilon Program is back and... very similar to before from the looks of things, though careful use of robots.txt means the Internet Archive isn't allowed to confirm that. It has however now found Twitter as well as enlightenment, so that's probably a good thing to watch for any fresh GTA V related sites and shout-outs as Rockstar gets things rolling for 2012.

Don't expect too many hints about what to expect from GTA V from browsing its pages, unless it turns out to be a more fantastical take on the world where trees can talk and the final boss is Kraff, Emperor of the 4th Paradigm, but you might get a few laughs from its polite jabs at Absolutely No Real World Organisation And Or Religion At All if you didn't catch it last time.

Here's a reminder of what the game itself is going to be like...

And just for kicks, a reminder of how far things have come since San Andreas...

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