Goat Simulator 1.1 update includes Minecraft minigame

Omri Petitte

Goat Simulator Minecraft

From a design perspective, elaborating on Goat Simulator 's features seems impossible. It has everything: goats; tongue-based physics; big, pretty score numbers; goats; a reckless disregard for property value. Still, Coffee Stain isn't yet done with the glory of goat, as a free 1.1 update hits June 3 with a new map, wall running, and local multiplayer support. From the recesses of the "just because" portion of the team's crazy minds comes another addition to the incoming patch: Minecraft—with goats.

Coffee Stain hasn't given any details on how exactly sticking a sandbox construction game inside a game about a silly goat will work, but the screenshots suggest basic building capability using grass block types and the introduction of a Minecraft-ized goat character. That's pretty much the extent of my analysis, because the notion of an immortal goat pushing cubes together before somersaulting into a speeding truck is just enough abstraction to send me to the therapist's couch.

Hoof-bump, Joystiq . Have some more images below, and take a look at Andy's review , too.

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Goat Simulator Minecraft

Goat Simulator Minecraft

Goat Simulator Minecraft

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