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Maia 0.42 update adds first planetary creature, new research stations, toilets

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When we last checked in on Maia, it had just landed on Steam Early Access. Since then, developer Simon Roth has been busy building up his sci-fi colony sim. The latest update introduces some clever research technology, an adorable deadly giant, and—to the relief of every simulated colonist—toilets. In a new video transmission, Roth runs through the features of the patch.

Maia lands its colonies on Steam Early Access

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By billing itself as a hard sci-fi experience, indie space-colony sim Maia has posed a fascinating set of questions for itself. Available since Tuesday through Steam's Early Access alpha testing program, the strategy game's reference to a classic sci-fi genre points toward the gritty, dangerous, and sometimes darkly-futile nature of exploration.

Maia heading to Steam Early Access on December 3rd

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Of course, Simon Roth has already given the world early access to his colony-building sci-fi god game Maia over on his site, but pretty soon we'll be able to access it by clicking some buttons in our Steam windows instead. Maia flew through Steam Greenlight like a greased Scotsman a couple of months ago, but the in-development game won't be on the Steam store until December 3rd, as revealed yesterday in a Kickstarter update. This will give Roth time to get Maia into a suitable state, ahead of the fresh player injection.

Maia alpha showcase demos base-building in the face of tremors, meteorite strikes, chickens

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Simon Roth's sci-fi survival game Maia continues to astound; in this showcase for the latest alpha version (0.32), Roth demonstrates base building, a process that promises to be regularly interrupted/made better by the addition of meteorite strikes and tremors. In a later update this will cause your colony's staff to temporarily cease working (wusses) in order to shield themselves against the planet Maia's primal rumblings. It's a terrifically atmospheric, beautifully lens flary video, and another sign that Roth's game is headed down the right track.

Maia colonises Steam Greenlight - new trailer shows atmospheric isolation, chickens

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It's safe to assume that Maia creator Simon Roth has a love of old sci-fi. It's written all over this latest trailer for his colony building god-game: dark synths, creeping psychological dread, pixelated chickens. Okay, maybe not that last one. Even at this stage in development, there's a clear enough emergence of theme, style and simulation, that the game is now attempting to build a new home on Steam Greenlight.

Maia, the ambitious sci-fi god game, is funded with three days to go

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Good news, god game fans: Maia has reached its Kickstarter target of £100,042, with just under three days to go. Things were looking a bit hairy for Simon Roth's impressive sci-fi god/management game for a while there, as only a few days ago there was still around £30K left to achieve. Thankfully, two things happened in the last couple of days that seem to have made all the difference: TotalBiscuit stepped in to make a recommendatory video, and several other indie devs gathered round to launch the Indie Hug Bundle.