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Fate of the World getting Earth Day expansion

Tom Senior at

Fate of the World will be getting two new missions to celebrate Earth Day on April 21. The missions will include an introductory mission for new players called "Oil Fix It," and another mission described as "a unique scenario that allows them to approach Fate of the World a new way." The game will also be on sale at a discounted price that week as well. Read our Fate of the World review for more info on the game. You can buy Fate of the World now from the Fate of the World site and Steam.

Fate of the World review

Dan Griliopoulos at

Fate of the World is a Serious Game that puts you in charge of an organisation trying to solve all the world’s problems. It’s a bit like the global map of X-Com, but the enemies are of our own creation: global warming, energy shortages, starvation and nuclear proliferation.

You establish agents in each of 12 regions to implement policies in the form of cards, each of which takes money from your budget (drawn from the countries’ economies). Each turn takes five years and your ultimate aim is to keep the planet alive for as long as possible.