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Bulletstorm disappears from Steam, Games for Windows Live a likely suspect

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Games for Windows Live is dying, and few tears will be shed for its demise. But concern remains for what will happen to the GFWL titles that haven't shed it like a pustulent pimple by the July 1st death-day. Epic and People Can Fly's score-'em-up Bulletstorm is seemingly the latest victim in the service's final thrashings, as it's been removed from Steam (although is still available on Origin) without word on a possible return.

Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly now called Epic Games Poland, working on Fortnite

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People Can Fly, the Epic-owned developer best known for making Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgement, is now going by the name Epic Games Poland and is one of the many studios working on the detail-light survival game known as Fortnite.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: "weird fiction horror" from former Bulletstorm devs

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The Astronaut - a small Warsaw-based indie studio made up of ex-People Can Fly developers - have announced their first game: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Inspired by weird horror stories and macabre fiction of the early 20th century, the game's announcement post highlights words like "immersive storytelling," "exploration," and "discovery," which should give you some idea as to the tone. Astronaut have also released a teaser trailer so enigmatic that it may as well be called Old Man Pokes a Burning Teddy Bear.

Ex-People Can Fly devs, The Astronauts, target PC for first game

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In an Edge interview, ex-PCF devs The Astronauts have revealed they're working on a PC-only release for the time being, with co-founder Adrian Chmielarz saying, "I doubt that the current generation of consoles is going to be able to handle what we're doing. [...] The plan at the moment is for it to be released on PC first, and then we'll see."

All the information we'd had previously on The Astronauts' first game is that it wouldn't be a mobile game or a shooter. That latter point probably came as a blow to fans of People Can Fly - the devs' previous employers, and makers of the rather awesome Bulletstorm. A blow which no doubt lands even harder with the knowledge that Bulletstorm won't be getting a sequel.

Bulletstorm 2 canned, original hurt by poor port and piracy on PC

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It's a tough industry for a new series. As someone who very much enjoyed Bulletstorm's gorgeous, bombastic shoot-outs, I quietly hoped that People Can Fly had done enough to earn a sequel. Sadly, it's not to be. Epic Games president Mike Capps has told Gamespot that while Bulletstorm was "very critically successful," it was merely "good, but not amazing" in the sales department. "I think EA was hoping we'd do better," he says.

Capps mentioned that some initial design work was done on Bulletstorm 2, but it's since been spiked in favour of other projects. He also admits that Bulletstorm underperformed on PC, and gives a couple of reasons. You can probably guess the main one. It begins with "P," is an anagram of CRAPYI, and rhymes with "biracy."

Interview—Hard Reset dev on Call of Duty, cyberpunk, Deus Ex, PC exclusivity

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In July, we blew the lid off Flying Wild Hog's cyberpunk-soaked love letter to shooters of yore, Hard Reset. But—after picking the lid shrapnel out of our charred flesh—we realized something: this isn't a typical game release. Big-budget PC exclusive? No multiplayer? Nothing about crying behind cover 70 percent of the time? We asked, and Flying Wild Hog founder Klaudiusz Zych answered. Read on for Zych's thoughts about Call of Duty, Deus Ex, phoned-in multiplayer, PC leaving consoles in the dust, and plenty more.

Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC out now

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The first slice of Bulletstorm DLC hit the consoles over a month ago, but Bulletstorm fans can now finally get hold of the pack on PC. The Gun Sonata pack for Bulletstorm is now available to buy for $9.99. It adds three new Anarchy survival multiplayer maps, Hotel Elysium, Villa and Sewers, and two new levels for Echoes mode, Guns of Stygia and Crash Site. If you fancy giving Bulletstorm a go then there's a demo available on Steam. You can get our verdict on the game in our Bulletstorm review.

Bulletstorm demo now available

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The game's been out for six weeks, but if you've been waiting to try Epic's insane shooter, then now's your chance. The new singleplayer demo provides one of Bulletstorm's Echoes missions, a level from halfway through the singleplayer campaign that can be replayed to try and get the best possible score. As well as the default (and boring) assault rifle, you can play with the super-accurate revolver and the chain gun, which shoots explosive bolas' that can be detonated once they're wrapped around your enemies. The demo skips past the slow-burn intro and lets you get straight to the improvised murder. Grab it now on Steam.

Bulletstorm's creative director responds to our 'Mainstream games' editorial

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Last week I wrote an editorial called How mainstream games butchered themselves and why it’s my fault, about the way games seem increasingly keen to dictate the exact experience every player should have.

I named Bulletstorm as one that nearly put me off with its overbearing opening, but which I later came to like. The game's creative director, Adrian Chmielarz of People Can Fly Studios, read it and was nice enough to take the time to respond. With his permission I'm publishing his response in full here, and since he asks a few questions I'll respond below.

Bulletstorm missing PC features

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A lack of customization options has been frustrating many players booting up Bulletstorm after its release in America earlier this week. A slim range of tweakable options is making it difficult for players to set up their game. Mouse smoothing is locked on, the maximum framerate is locked to 62fps and there are no field of view options. Fortunately, there are workarounds, but using them means hacking into the encrypted .ini files.

Bulletstorm PC review

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You get moments with this hobby, where you mentally step away and realise exactly what you’d look like to an outsider. It’s not pretty. I’m playing in a darkened room, the shades pulled tight, and I’m shouting to three other people. “HIS ARSE IS OPEN. FOR GOD’S SAKE HIS ARSE IS OPEN. SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT SHOOT IT! SHOOT HIS OPEN ARSE!”

I see myself from above. My eyes are focused on the swollen buttocks of a fat man. I’ve just shot him until he collapsed, almost defeated, onto one knee. What am I doing? Is this what 2,000 years of western civilisation has accomplished? Now I’ve circled behind him and kicked open the armoured flap covering his blubbery rear end. Humankind has split the atom, we’ve walked on the moon. Now three friends and I are readying our pretend guns to fire into a fat man’s exposed anus.

Bulletstorm PC demo release details

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A demo is in the works for People Can Fly's psychotic shooter, Bulletstorm. Vice President of EA games made the announcement on Twitter, "Bulletstorm PC demo is in the works! Won't make it in time for ship date but should be available shortly after."

The game's due out tomorrow in the US and February 25 in the UK. Bulletstorm has been kicking up some controversy recently, both in the mainstream media and the games press. Here's why, and some shots.

Fox news attacks Bulletstorm, says violent games lead to "increase in rapes"

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Yesterday Fox news published an article called "Is Bulletstorm the worst game in the world?", warning parents against the affects the game could have on children, and attributing violent videogames to an increase in rape crime.

Editorial: Why reviewers should say whether they enjoyed shooting men in the balls in Bulletstorm

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Every Monday, will be featuring editorials and opinion pieces from PC Gamer's core of magazine and online writers. To kickstart that process, here's UK mag editor Tim Edwards on the developing Bulletstorm skillshot controversy.

“I do believe this industry will only be considered mature only once it stops being ashamed of itself,” says Adrian Chmielarz, the lead designer of Bulletstorm. His comment is in response to Richard Clark, a Gamasutra contributor who questioned whether those who write about Bulletstorm should bring their personal values to the table when reviewing it.

New Bulletstorm trailer reveals more skillshots

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Epic have released another trailer detailing yet more skillshot kills from their insane FPS Bulletstorm. See below for the video, showing off the 'Burn', the 'Juggler' and the, uh, 'Gang Bang'.

New Bulletstorm trailer features swears, quad barelled shotgun and man-eating plant

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It's the sweariest, goriest slice of Bulletstorm footage yet, but the latest trailer shows of everything that promises to be great about the insane shooter. Quad barrelled shotguns, man eating plants, dinosaurs and gratuitous killshots all star in the latest trailer, embedded below.

Bulletstorm on PC to support 3D

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Epic Games have confirmed to Big Download that Bulletstorm will support Nvidia's 3D Vision system, and that the PC version will be the only one supporting 3D technology.

PC gamers with access to an Nvidia GeForce graphics card, the 3D Vision kit and a 3D capable monitor will be able to play Epic's insane shooter in brain-bending 3D-o-vision come February 22.

Developer Cliff Bleszinski may be living in hope that this PC exclusive feature could cheer up PC gamers after he made them 'grumpy' by tweeting that the Bulletstorm demo would only be available on consoles.

So does this make up for the lack of a PC demo? Let us know in the comments.

Bulletstorm PC system requirements revealed

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Of all the games coming out this year, it's likely that none will be as mental as Epic's upcoming shooter, Bulletstorm. The good news is that you won't need an especially powerful PC to run the game. You'll find the full minimum and recommended system requirements for the game listed below.

New Bulletstorm screens

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If you don't remember Bulletstorm, it's the game with the huge electro whip and the gun that fires cannonballs. It's a frenzied first-person splatterfest that dishes out points for every ridiculous kill. In motion, it's so manic that it's hard to notice how good the game looks, but as the shiny new screens reveal below, the game is looking incredible.