The Banner Saga composer faces $50,000 fine for his work on the game

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Austin Wintory—composer for games Journey and The Banner Saga—is facing a fine of up to $50,000 as a result of his work on Stoic's Viking RPG. According to Wintory, his union, the American Federation of Musicians, have charged him for working on the game's soundtrack with non-union musicians. Earlier this week, Wintory released a video, explaining the charges and setting out what he calls an "untenable situation".

Hear three BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea original songs from Irrational Games

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Bioshock Infinite had some great original songs and arrangements. You can buy the original game’s soundtrack, but there’s some new music in the recently released Burial at Sea DLC that you couldn't easily listen to, until recently. Irrational Games posted three full, original songs from Burial at Sea to its official website, along with some commentary from the game’s Music Director, Jim Bonney.

Audiosurf 2 coming to Steam Early Access next month

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The trippy, swirling, laser light show that was Audiosurf might have eaten several hundred hours of your time in the five years since its release; I know I've conducted a fair few experiments to try and determine which of my favorite bands produced the noodliest driving tracks. Still, we mastered all the Elite vehicles long ago and have slammed, teeth-first, into enough grey blocks that we're beginning to tire of the original PC rhythm-racer. Cue Audiosurf 2, which releases—sorta—next month.

Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto radio station playlists on Spotify and iTunes

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Video game music is occasionally labeled as "just a bunch of bleep and bloops." But if there's a company that's demonstrated how well music and games gel together, it's Rockstar. Bully, Grand Theft Auto, L.A. Noire, and Red Dead Redemption all exemplify the company's discerning musical taste—a group founded by the sons of the owner of a famous British jazz club, coincidentally.

Dishonored trailer shows even more creative assassinations, rat mines

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Sticking a knife in someone's back? Poisoning their drink? Long-range crossbow sniping? They're all so passé. Dishonored's dreary dominion of Dunwall offers tons more bountiful opportunities for Corvo's clever kills, and this video presents members of developer Arkane recalling the most ingenious ability and weapon combinations they've seen, including mid-air possessions and rat suicide bombers.

Download the Bulletstorm soundtrack for free

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No matter what you think of Bulletstorm's over-the-top gameplay and crude humor, you've gotta love free stuff. Epic is out to win the hearts and minds of cheapskates by offering up the shooter's original soundtrack (composed by Michal Cielecki and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz) free of charge. Click here to snag a total of 56 minutes of overly dramatic background music, spread across 24 tracks with names like "My Cyborg Components" and "Too Many To Kill Them All." Can't turn that down!

Chime review

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Chime provides you with a grid. Sometimes perfectly rectangular, other times broken up into pieces or segmented with unusable sections. Onto this grid you place a variety of different shaped pieces in an effort to form a three-by-three or bigger block. Stack more pieces onto a block and the block gets bigger, increasing score, coverage, and multiplier. Once a block’s completed, the area it occupied gets covered, and when you reach 100% coverage you get to reset the level and start again.

The best songs in PC gaming: Volume 1

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Ever since soundcards gave our PCs the ability to sing, a good song in the right place has been a great way to catch our attention. Usually funny, but occasionally creepy or poignant, they're a chance for a game to cut loose and play. Here's our first selection of the good, the bad and the just plain confusing. Oh - and we've discounted Still Alive. Why? Because that's the one everyone already knows.

Modern Warfare 2's guns make sweet music

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OneShotFilm have mashed the gunshot sounds from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 into a punchy little track, faintly reminiscent of Rob D's Clubbed to Death. For anyone who was alive in the nineties. It also reminds me of Zach Scott's Ballad of Black Mesa, the Apple-styled gunshot music video Valve could easily have used in their Steam-on-Macs campaign. Embedded that below too.