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Zeno Clash 2 trailer shows new gameplay footage, magic, and punching

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Pay no attention to the living display of modern art seen above. Zeno Clash 2 is still all about knocking the stuffing out of weird humanoids, a theme that originated in the first surrealistically fun brawler back in 2009. Well, OK, Mr. Paint-Lip above qualifies as weird enough to send my fist right into that bulbous bullseye of a nose, but that's not the only interesting takeaway from the latest gameplay trailer drop-kicked over by Chilean developer ACE Team.

Fable 3 dev: PC piracy "less problematic than second-hand sales on the XBox"

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A Lionhead developer has voicing his thoughts on piracy, saying that he sees second hand sales on consoles as a bigger problem than piracy on PC. "There are a lot of honest people out there," he says, "if they like your game they'll buy it."

Fable 3 system specs announced

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Fable 3 is due out on May 17, but will Lionhead Studio's fantasy kingmaker sim run on your machine? There's only one way to find out, and that's to look at the full minimum and recommended system specs below.

Fable 3 PC release date announced, new screenshots released

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Lionhead have announced that Fable 3 will be coming to PC in North America on May 17, and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand May 19. Microsoft say the PC version of the game will come with support for Nvidia's 3D tecnhnology, and will feature an additional hardcore mode. A score of new screenshots have been released showing off the PC version's higher levels of detail. You'll find them below.

Fable 3 is still coming to PC

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Lionhead Studios spoke out today to reassure PC gamers that the fantasy RPG sequel is still on the way. Lionhead had been silent about the PC version for several months, leading to fears that the game had been cancelled, but earlier today the studio spoke out on Twitter, saying: "Fable 3 PC Version is still in development here at Lionhead so PC GAMERS don't panic. We'll announce details when we're ready to do so." There's still no news on a possible release date, but hopefully it'll be soon. The game was released on consoles three weeks ago.

Fable III is full of British talent

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There's some dazzling star quality on show in the latest development video for Fable III. Ben Kingsley, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg and John Cleese all make an appearance to give some insight into the characters you'll be meeting in your fight to overthrow the evil King Logan. Video below.