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Deus Ex: Nihilum mod is a whole new cyberpunk conspiratorial mystery

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There must be some sort of magical lure for stories dealing with trenchcoated, cybernetic soldiers wearing sunglasses indoors and uncovering nefarious schemes from world-domineering organizations, because Deus Ex just keeps augmenting itself with fantastic-looking mods. Nihilum has kept hidden in its development lab for a few years, but its ready to emerge this June as a fully voiced alternate tale involving the green-loving UNATCO and a mission to a futuristic Hong Kong.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul now on GOG because David Bowie

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Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a—what, exactly? An RPG? An FPS? An adventure? I don't think it matters, because David Bowie is in it and that pretty much defies description in itself. A late 1999 game by a younger David Cage and his Quantic Dream studio before it moved on to bad-parenting simulators on consoles, Omikron is a story about a futuristic cybercity and its mysteries. And David Bowie. It's on GOG now for $10.

Warzone 2100 fan remake keeps the classic RTS game alive

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Warzone 2100, originally released in 1999 by Pumpkin Interactive, had us pumping out mass armies of artillery to carpet bomb our enemies, as was the glorious RTS style of the time. Similarly attractive was its thoroughly spaghettified tech tree and its then-new usage of 3D graphics. When Pumpkin released the source code for Warzone in 2004, a team of enthusiasts picked up the material for a remake, which received its latest update yesterday (via Blue's News) after two years under the anvil.

Early Deus Ex concepts involved "elements of conspiracy theory with X-Files weirdness"

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The rough preliminary outlines for Deus Ex described a more brutal world with more aggressive foes than the enigmatic cabals encountered in Ion Storm's cyberpunk RPG. Eurogamer's report goes over the design documents in detail, but a few highlights include an original vision incorporating "X-Files weirdness" and significant personality changes for major characters such as Tracer Tong and Joseph Manderley.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film looks pretty amazing

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It's not the officially licensed movie, but this teaser trailer for an upcoming Human Revolution short film is looking mighty impressive. DCode Films are handling the project, with Moe Charif acting as writer and director, as well as playing Adam Jensen. Getting all those cyborg limb augmentations shows some admirable dedication, don't you think?

Deus Ex New Vision mod ready for downloading, re-augments environment textures

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For all its crazy cyber-conspiracy narrative and superior voice acting, Deus Ex didn't ride its Unreal Engine tech gracefully into the visual standards of the present. Still, its neon-lined cyberpunk locales are close to many a gamer's nano-heart, which makes the release of the final version of David Watts' "New Vision" mod for Deux Ex just another good reason to reinstall it.

Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod kicks off weekend public beta test

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Panau party time! The team behind the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod announced a weekend-long public beta test over Twitter, C4-ing open the gates for hundreds of players to pile in and unleash chaotic hell for 48 hours.

Tomb Raider trailer has drowning, falling, screaming

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[bcvideo id="973601280001"]
Lara manages to go to hell and back in the space of three minutes of footage that make up the first Tomb Raider trailer, which shows her avoiding certain death several times to reach the shores of the explorable island on which the game takes place. The CG video above looks incredible, of course, but the screenshots we've seen of Tomb Raider so far show that the in-game graphics aren't a world away from the cinematics. You can find out more about the Tomb Raider reboot in our Tomb Raider preview, or the official Tomb Raider site.

Just Cause 2 video maps every in-game death in one haunting landscape

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11.3 million people died colliding with objects or the ground in Just Cause 2. If you map them all in a spatial area to scale with the Just Cause 2 world map, then you get the video above, a beautiful and strangely poignant ghostly landscape made up of the terminus points of millions of players.

It goes to show two things. Firstly, it's easy to underestimate the amount of falling out of things onto things that happens in Just Cause 2. Secondly, hardly any players seem to have explored the spaces between the world's major roads and settlements, suggesting that vast swathes of Just Cause 2's massive world went relatively untrodden. There's even a cloud of death hanging miles above the ground. How did so many people die of collisions all the way up there?

Age of Conan getting extra solo quests

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Age of Conan is set to grow with a series of new solo-questlines designed to add extra instances for players who prefer to adventure alone. New dungeons and solo boss encounters are set to be added to the exotic realm of Khitai added by last year's Rise of the Godslayer expansion. Read on for details.

First Tomb Raider screenshots released

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The first images of the new Tomb Raider game have arrived, showing Lara exploring a dangerous network of caves inhabited by occult obsessed axemen. You'll find them all after the jump.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets online co-op

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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light turned out to be really rather good, but it was missing a crucial feature on release: you could only play the excellent co-op mode locally. Thanks to the latest Steam patch, that is no longer the case. Players can now combine forces over the internet to stop the dark god Xolotl, so if you were waiting for this patch to pick up the game, now's the time. It's available to buy on Steam, to find out why it's so good, check out our review.

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer review

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Reviewing an MMO is like being asked to step outside and put a score on the moon. No matter how long you look, you’ll never see all of it. What follows are impressions of Age of Conan’s first expansion, gleaned from a sliver of its hundreds of hours of content.